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Letters To Editor, 2018


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Teeth-cleaning, bitch hides puppies, sexual abuse, killer-drug in food, tax payer funds biological weapons, poison grapes…

Biological Weapons: The feds have been lying and have been giving us false information for decades. It's as corrupt as Russia, China and many other countries. They have been feeding off the American tax payer. THANK YOU for that article. Carole Henry Reference: Biological Weapons Warfare

Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food: I guess they haven't learned a thing from a year ago, because four more brands of dog food from JM Smucker Co. has been recalled (Not a FDA recall) after traces of a euthanizing drug was found. Gravy Train, Kibble 'N Bits, Skippy, and Ol' Roy wet food have been pulled back by the company after pentobarbital was found in 9 of 15 cans of Gravy Train. WOW! Nel Liquorman Reference: Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food

Hiding Puppies: My bitch wants to hide her babies she has lost so many what to do? Aileen Waiwaiole

Sex In Dog World: was a good read and brought back memories. When I started showing my first show dog, I was advised by my mentors that there were only 2 kinds of men in the dog show world. They showed me what kinds by hand motions, which was quite funny. My mentors were very successful breeders and exhibitors in both breed and obedience with their sibes. Any how, there was a very sexy good looking pro handler from a faraway land. He was also a very successful handler in his field. He would open his mouth and his accent would make your knees weak. Male sex appeal just oozed out of his pores. I had been showing for a few months and one day at a show circuit, while I had my dog in the community X pen, this hunk walked up to me and asked me out to dinner. At that time I just had time for my dogs and was not inclined to mess up my life with complications and said no,no thanks with a smile. He was a hunk....but also married. The next day a woman handler came up to me and told me that I was one of only two woman who had turned down his advances. That she was the other one. My how fast things travel!! So this hunk had mowed down quite a number of the opposite sex in the dog show world. Now this was in the 70's. A much tighter circle of dog people than now. Looking back, can not blame them as that is how much sex appeal this man had. He was not a macho in-your-face kind of jerk . He did not have to be and that was part of his appeal. Still have no regrets I wasn't one of them. PS. He was in terriers. Reference: Sex and The Dog Show World - (name withheld by special exemption)

Stick To Dogs: The above referenced article about sex and dog shows was very sexist. The man doesn't have a clue what women go through. This is in regards to his last statement about women can get another job etc. Why should a woman have to even be exposed to that behavior? Carmen Hufstetler CDPE, ePro, TRC

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Article about Anesthesia: I've been searching for confirmation of my hunch. My 4 yr old GSD came back from a teeth cleaning totally withdrawn and fatigued. She's lost her personality.  I was almost sure it had to do with the Anesthesia, sevoflurane. Although my vet would never confirm it I suspect she was under too long. Perhaps an emergency occurred just as they were putting her under and there was an hour or 2 delay with her on the table or maybe she had an unusual reaction. She did receive this Anesthesia when she was spayed several years ago with no ill effects. Our 13 year old GSD just had the same Anesthesia last month for a teeth cleaning with no ill effects.  I will take her to a holistic vet this week for a recommended detox. I can see her coming back very slowly a week after the procedure. But this should never have happened to her.  Thank you Pat Watker Reference: Anesthesia-Related Memory Loss In Pets and People

Food for thought about grapes: I don't know of any confirmed cases of grape/raisin poisoning in dogs. But, I do know that vineyards across the world have to fence out wolves, fox, and coyotes from coming in and eating the sweet grapes. If grapes were toxic to these canines, they wouldn't eat them and surely would pass that on to their domestic cousins. Julie Edwards - Ghost Dance Alaskan Malamutes Reference: Grapes Poison Dogs Myth

Not poisoned!: My 50 pound Belgian Tervuren bitch ate a pound and a half of grapes, Thompson seedless I think, they were green, when she was pregnant. I have always given my dogs a few grapes from time to time but given the quantity and pregnancy I checked with a vet who said, "it is at best, only some dogs who are sensitive, just watch her". She was fine. The sort of dog who would steal grapes off the table aren't the ones that are sensitive I think. Puppies were all healthy and at age four, we have 3 champions and 1 a point away, a herding champion and 2 more with advanced herding titles.  EveLynn McGuinness

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