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Horses Reign On Biden Border


September 28, 2021

Fed Up Texas Rancher ~ (letter to editor, name withheld by request)


I’ve been a subscriber since Congress candidate Dave Dorsett sent you that thing about gun statistics 20 years ago {Ref #1}. We Texans have had border problems ever since Governor Austin claimed it in 1845 but our horse patrols can handle it so back off and worry about Chicago or Detroit!



We can track a mouse over a mile and spot illegals quicker than a cat can swat. Reins are for steering a horse or twirling to make a sound to hurry cattle along. We apologize to President Biden or them what don’t know what reins are for.


My wife was laughing about how uneducated the press is today and how sloppy. 10 seconds on google and they’d know a reign from a rein. We sometimes spin em to make a noise cattle understand so they move on a little quicker.


So far as I know, we ain’t never hit nobody with the reins.


She’s 3 generations Texas and said to tell you back in the day the Governor brought hundreds of Mexicans up here to work the fields, barns, and the trustier of them, as house servants. They were treated better, fed and housed better than the black people you Yanks brought from other countries.


Texans are proud of our sometimes “mixed” Hispanic heritage. I reckon your dog breeder folks know a lot about genetics. So I’m good with the fact that Texas was one time part of Mexico. I can tell you that we don’t need no government help on our border, just get out of the way.



Some news commentators are just too dumb to even be taught. Y’all c’mon down but leave the reporters up there.


I reckon I’ll just be on my way now.

Yours truly, Ben (former Border Patrol)


Reference #1 Gun Statistics: Funny Facts

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