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NewsBites Special Edition: Wild Revoked; Bacteria Epidemic; AKC Board & Dalmatian Vote; Pups Fly In 08|12|10


222 PUPPIES FLOWN IN FROM PUERTO RICO to be transported to the PetSmart National Adoption day in New York erupted with parvo Thursday.  Florida Shelter now quarantined, losing animals, needs more vet techs and vets to assist.  Contact Ronnie Graves 352-603-4249 or Connie Brooks 727-420-3731 if you can help.


SHELTER QUARANTINE, DALMATIAN VOTE, BAD BACTERIA, WILD PROBATION REVOKEDBUZZ ON AKC BOARD MINUTES is that the minutes as published are a waste of Gazette space.  Prominent figures in the fancy say "secrecy will no longer be tolerated."  Not everything is secrete; we do know that two board members actively involved in Dalmatians, one a current parent club board member, refused to recues themselves from the vote on allowing Dalmatian-Pointer 10th generation descendents into the stud book.  Conflict of Interest charges flying like saucers over Phoenix.


NEW DRUG-IMMUNE BACTERIAL MUTATION now found in three states.  The NDM-1 gene alters bacteria, making them resistant to all known antibiotics.  According to Sept 11 news bulletins, the gene is believed to have mutated in India.  Since August, it has also been found in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Sweden and the U.K.  "The potential of NDM-1 to be a worldwide public health problem is great, and coordinated international surveillance is needed," says British medical journal Lancet


MARY WILD PROBATION REVOKED Demonstrating the same lack of responsibility that killed dogs in her care, she failed to show up for community service.  She also didn't bother keeping the date for a previous hearing but even so, the judge did not remand her into custody on Friday; he revoked her probation 9/10/10 but she's free on bond.  The judge heard Animal Control would not let her work at the shelter as she was ordered to do, however, field reporter Diane Lynch spoke with the prosecutor who said that is not so. "Wild had specific dates to do her service and did not show up."  Mary Wild's Probation Revocation Hearing is set for October 15, 2010 and although she could be remanded to serve her 8 year sentence, many believe the lenient judge will again "let her off" with 30 to 90 days jail time, if that much.


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This Week's Regular Edition will be out Thursday and features Genetic Flaws in Health Testing,  Berserk Behavior, Queenie, and a great primer on Cleaning Teeth & Cutting Nails. 

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