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NewsNips: Dog Attorneys, K-9 Officer, Diving, Heartworm, AR Conference

Digestible Delectable Dog News Tidbits - September 2017

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K-9 Officers

Every day, they are out there protecting us. They find and hold criminals, locate drugs, explosives, and too often, cadavers. They have no union, no retirement benefits, no glory. They serve us because that's what dogs were meant to do. When age or injury ends their time on the force, they don't make headlines, they just go quietly.


This aged K-9 entered the veterinary office in Plymouth, MA for the last time. He was honored by his fellow officers and we hope you will take two minutes to look up and contribute to your local police dog association. They are there for you 24/7.  Be there for them now.  


Attorneys Speak For Dogs

Too bad this Connecticut law wasn't nationwide when Michael Vick faced the judge.  Is there a provision in your state's legal statutes?  Look it up!  And if you are an attorney or law student, get with the program!


TheDogPress NewsNips Mail DogSophie Dock Diving Champ

TFT Anne Kieffer says "Sophie is an extraordinary Toy Fox Terrier who knows no limits to what she can do!"


Heartworm Meds Recalled

Prevention may be more deadly than heartworm! Released in 2001, understand the risks vs. benefit analysis.


Animal Rights Conference

AR leaders convene to destroy American values and the God-given right to own animals, including family dogs and farm animals!

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