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There’s not much that can make a bigger fool out of American animal owners than importing dogs, pharmaceuticals and food from non-friendly countries.



The USDA released its 2020 APHIS IMPACT REPORT {Ref #1} (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) summary which opened with 9 stunning full-size photos. Digging past the photos to the actual information, several things stood out, ominously… For example, USDA “…inspected and cleared 5 billion pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, a 100% increase from last year.” Think about those imported foods when you go to the grocery store.



Then think about medicinal plants and the specially trained Detection Dogs that locate those herbs and plants used in human health and medical research. Many of those healing agents cannot be grown commercially but were plentiful when you knew where to look. The April Fools fact is that today they are imported or at the least, commercially ‘wild-harvested’. Thank those incredible detection-dogs and their dedicated trainers. See Science Daily {Ref #2} for more information.


The AKC Government Relations Department {Ref #3} sent a notice which included this interesting snippet, AKC “Conducted 5,620 AWA (Animal Welfare) site inspections which found 97% of AWA licensees and registrants in substantial compliance and launched 30 new cases for alleged AWA violations that resulted in the assessment of over $624,000 in penalties from four settlements and 24 administrative orders.


Are we foolish to bother with all that health and genetic testing on our carefully created purebred dogs? Even worse, are we not foolish to allow teachers to deprive our children of the education and socialization that is so important to their futures. We test our dogs but neglect our children’s mental and emotional health!?!!


And to cap off this April Fools news, there’s this. Our government issued 2,667 permits covering 9,941 dogs entering the United States. Americans spend a fortune importing dogs from other countries when in fact, we euthanize 1.5 million shelter animals (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats) every year.


What if we stopped the massive importation of food, medicines, clothing and dogs? What if we once again became the richest country in the world through our willingness to work? What if we stop selling our land and technology to countries that don’t like us?


America is still the country everyone wants to come to. We were known as the Land Of The Free And Brave. Let us not become known as fools.


References (opens in window) {1} Aphis Impact Report {2} Science Daily {3} AKC Gov't Relations

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