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After TheDogPress.com contacted several major news outlets regarding so few news stories about dogs, Fox, CNN, and a few other sites reacted favorably.


Not to imply that they responded directly to our Media Department but they must have noted the dog ownership statistics we provided. Here are the editor’s picks for best news stories about dogs.  Links below open in a window for your convenience (mobile device users click your back button).


CNN featured these stories on benefits of dog ownership.


and on human ethics and morality, this story said it all.



Fox News ran these extremes in coverage:


and on the downside, Fox also ran this story which says much more about human degradation and morality than it does about dogs.



NewsMax ranked high on feature stories for and about dogs.


and this one for all dog owners, and trainers with a temper…



ABC kept it light but interesting.


and more appealing, maybe…



NBC ran these heartwarming dog stories


and presented this top news story



CBS kept it short but this was a good dog training feature


and this meaningful story on an adopted 8-year old boy adopting old dogs.


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