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Canine COVID Confirmed

8-year-old North Carolina Newfoundland dog diagnosed with COVID-19 August 2020, may be first confirmed canine case.



Economic Effects, COVID-19

2020 is about protecting our family, country, health and economy, including the emotionally rewarding sport of exhibiting purebred dogs and cats.


St. Bernard Rescued

The St. Bernard has saved countless lives but picture a St. Bernard being rescued from a mountain in the U.K. in 2020!


Privacy Pandemic Perfecta

If bad news comes in twos, here's a perfecta. COVID-19 slammed America's health and economy which coincidentally (?) raised support for Contact Tracing.


Crowd Control Canines

How has the freest nation on earth devolved into nightly rioting by thieves and thrill-seekers? Where are the police dogs and National Guard K9 units?



Wormer For COVID

Dog breeders may have COVID-19 treatment or prevention in their worming supplies according to WHO, the World Health Organization and China's Wuhan institute!


Gloves, Masks, Sense

Covid-19 dominated network news until the nationwide riots began with masked marauders and not a germ in sight! Will they be sick next week?


Quarrels With Quarantine

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with dog show judges, exhibitors and kennel club finances, plus breeders can't ship puppies and many buyers are quarantined!


Algae, Rabid Squirrels

Deadly cyanobacteria outbreak, adopting rabies risk, rabid NYC squirrels, and how dogs aid human health.


Pot Poisons Dogs

AVMA cites dog deaths from THC concentrated in butter, symptoms of marijuana toxicity.


Climate & Clown Fish

UCLA says pets are pollution, American IQ, fish change sex.


Postal, Prions, Sports

USPS warning, infectious disease, dog sports.


Dog Attorneys, K-9 Officer

Ground-breaking law, Dock Diving, Heartworm Meds and...


Bleeding, Collars, Bombs

Horses bleeding, Smart Collar, Seizure Racket, coyote bombs!


Superfoods, Dogs On Buses

Churchill on Islam, urban dogs ride buses unaccompanied!


Deceit, Senator, Smuggling

Vet smuggles drugs, Singapore, epilepsy, yeast fights fleas!


WKC Judges, Perceptions

February used to be all abut pedigreed dogs but...


Snowden, Biker Dog

pit bull biker, garlic for dogs, people foods compromised.


Shipping, Military Reunions

Comment on breeder vs. pet shop and shelter sales, give us your best advice on shipping.


Bacteria, Petsmart Pups

Dalmatian vote, 222 mutts for Petsmart, shelter quarantined, Wild probation revoked.


Nickles, Military, HSUS

Obama diet, Animal Control, payoffs, 3 Ironies.


Forgeries, A Dog Shot...

AKC fails to suspend on forgery and fraud and legendary breeder on lost dogs.


Purina vs. Blue Buffalo

In the Dog Food War of Misleading Their Consumers.

Dogs In The News

After TheDogPress.com contacted several major news outlets regarding so few stories about dogs, a few reacted favorably.


Animals In Cabin

The USDA notice on Service Animals is NOT a ban, it seeks a sensible solution to abuse by egotistical animal owners.


New Year Predictions

All-Breed judge who has seen it all from oatmeal to immigrants.


Dog Stuck In Tire

Vet unable to free the poor pup's head, fire department to the rescue but the kicker is...


Feathers = Meat Meal

Dog food suppliers fined $7 million, misbranded ingredients.


Training Dogs

Video! 11 year old GSD flying over walls, by Master Trainer.


Salmonella, ARDS, Zitka

Drug-resistant infections linked to raw turkey, serious warnings.


Blood Money, Summer Fun

Dog sports that are good for the heart and emotional health.


Akita Mauls Woman

Killed devoted 69 year old lady who was training him.


Lepto, Clubs, Epilepsy

Leaping Lepto, dogs shot, milk thistle, Parent Breed Clubs.


Live Ammo, Poison Food

Propylene Glycol, green tea, copper pipes, Alzheimer's news.


Winners Around The World

Hound dogs for sport, food to show in China, Slovakia canine military heroes.


Worst Shelter, NYPD Dog...

Paris attack, Bomb dog down, Bedlington breeder obit.


Vick, Pacelle, Helmsley

Dog fighting, swine flu vaccine, fleas, EPA, flu fright!


Pitbull Party, India Tribute

plus dogs seized, no-bail jail, and bomb squad dog.


Judges Approval, The Pope

Hotel says Dogs Welcome, and two grievous options on Pet Insurance.


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