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Pot Poisons Dogs

AVMA cites dog deaths from THC which is concentrated in butter, lists symptoms of marijuana toxicity.


Climate & Clown Fish

2018 UCLA report concludes that pets are 30% of the earth's atmospheric pollution, clown fish sex change, and American IQ.


Postal Warning, Prions, Sports

Infectious prions disease, USPS postal service warning, dog sports and service options.


Dog Attorneys, K-9 Officer

Ground-breaking CT law, K-9 Officers, Dock Diving, Heartworm Meds and the 2017 Animal Rights Conference.


Bleeding, Collars, Bombs

Horses bleeding, AKC Smart Collar, new Control racket, walking, coyote bombs!


Superfoods, Dogs On Buses

Special foods, Winston Churchill on Islam, urban dogs ride buses unaccompanied!


Deceit, Senator, Smuggling

Vet smuggles drugs, $8 million shelter scam, epilepsy, Senator, yeast against fleas!


WKC Judges, Perceptions

February used to be all abut pedigreed dogs but...


Snowden, Biker Dog

Snowden, pit bull biker, garlic for dogs, people foods compromised.

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Dog Stuck In Tire

Have you heard? Dog's head stuck in a spare tire, vet unable to free the poor pup, fire department to the rescue but the kicker is...


New Year Predictions

All-Breed judge who has seen it all... sees the future from oatmeal and immigrants to student debt for dog-owning households.


Feathers = Meat Meal

Major dog food suppliers fined $7 million for misbranded ingredients so can you trust these premium dog food brands?


Training Dogs

11 year old German Shepherd Dog shown flying over walls and hurdles, video and Schutzhund title information by Master Trainer.


Salmonella, ARDS, Zitka

Outbreak of multi-drug-resistant Salmonella infections linked to raw turkey products, plus ARDS and Zitka warnings.


Akita Mauls Woman

He's responsible for the death of a devoted 69 year old lady who was training him.


Lepto, Clubs, Epilepsy

Leaping Lepto, dogs shot, epilepsy, Milk Thistle, and Parent Breed Clubs.


Live Ammo, Poison Food

Propylene Glycol, green tea, copper pipes, Alzheimer's news to chew on.


Joan Weiskopf, Worst Shelter

Worst shelter, bomb dog blown up, NYPD transit dogs, Bedlington breeder obit.


Pitbull Party, India Tribute

plus dogs seized, no-bail jail, and bomb squad dog.


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