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NewsNips  from TheDogPress.com September 2016



Vet removes live ammunition from dog's GI tract.

A Belgian Malinois named Benno swallowed 23 rounds of live ammunition.


"We said in school there's what's in the books and there's what you see in the real world," said veterinarian Sarah Sexton.


Most of the ammunition, which was made of nontoxic brass and copper, was removed in surgery and the rest passed through Benno's system.


Propylene Glycol In Dog Food.

It's found in anti-freeze but did you know it is used in some dry dog foods to help reduce moisture and prevent bacteria growth? Your dog needs intestinal bacteria to help absorb and digest the food but since this ingredient decreases bacteria growth, it also reduces the “good” bacterial growth required for proper digestion.


Copper Connected To Alzheimer's!

As if the fluoride in the water weren’t enough to worry about, a University of Rochester Medical Center study found that old copper pipes can leach into your water supply. Over time this can set off many serious health problems.  The only thing better about copper pipes is that they were used to replace LEAD pipes.


Check your pipes coming in from the street, under your house, and going to all your fixtures including your hot water heater.  Replace with PVC!


Cheap Green Tea Can Be Costly.

Green Tea is a great antioxidant but British researchers found some brands of teabags contained significantly more fluoride than the costlier artesian blends. You should be aware that fluoride can cause osteoporosis, kidney stones, and muscle weakness. Four or more cups, when combined with fluoridated water and fluoride enhanced toothpaste may offset the health benefits of green tea.

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