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St. Bernard Dog Rescued From Mountaintop


The St. Bernard is the Alpine hero dog that has saved countless lives but picture a St. Bernard being rescued from a mountain in the U.K. in 2020!


Daisy is only 4 years old but the hike was too much for her. We’re told it was her back legs that gave out and she just sat down and refused to move.



It is unclear whether she was suffering from hip dysplasia, a slipped stifle joint, or an injury incurred during the hike. She told her owners nothing.


The tables were turned by the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT). The team rescued the huge St. Bernard from Scafell Pike which is 3,209 feet above sea level. That may not sound like much when compared to our Rocky Mountain Range which boasts Mount Elbert at 14,433 feet but Scafell is equally beautiful and like a green jewel with a lake below. What a tale the already famous Wasdale rescue team can tell their families!


The picturesque western fells of the Lake District is a popular hiking destination and Scafell is one of England's highest and most picturesque mountains so the rescue team has been assisting hikers and climbers for over 50 years.



For those who only see the St. Bernard as a big slobbery dog, think about this. The St. Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy is named after an Italian monk, Bernard of Menthon, who established the lodge and rescue station in the 11th century.


So now you know that The St. Bernard dog is well and rightly named. A giant among dog breeds, he is incredibly gentle and patient, especially with well-behaved children. He is not aggressive with other dogs – he is literally “above it all”. He is calmly good-natured and his owners consider him a Saint among dogs.


How ironic but fitting that such a great hero dog breed was safely and professionally rescued by the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team.

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