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Deadly cyanobacteria algae outbreak, adopting rabies risk, rabid NYC squirrels, how dogs aid human health.


Algae Warning - August 2019 Keep dogs away from stagnant ponds and lake shores and if you have a water feature in your yard make sure it is algae tested. Deadly cyanobacteria algae outbreaks are currently reported in GA, NC, TX and DE but may be present in any body of “still water”. If you note foam or scum on the water, do not enter or allow your dog to drink the water.


Judge Fred Lanting also sent warning. “The issue got national attention when North Carolina's Melissa Martin posted on Facebook about how all three of her dogs died after swimming in a Wilmington pond. One began have a seizure in 15 minutes, and the others soon after…


First reported in NC and DE as veterinary news. The blue-green algae is particularly deadly to dogs because they drink from stagnant shorelines and swallow larger amounts of water when swimming or playing in lakes and ponds. Cyanobacteria may cause fatal seizures and early signs may include headaches, nausea, fever, sore throat, dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle aches, mouth ulcers, and blistering of the lips. ~ Fox News, CNN August 2019


Adopting Rabies! In May of 2019 the CDC issued a rabies warning on dogs entering the U.S. from Egypt and suspended importation from that country. Rabies, one of the deadliest zoonotic diseases, accounts for an estimated 59,000 human deaths globally each year … which equates to one human death every 9 minutes. The virus can infect any mammal, and once clinical signs appear, the disease is usually fatal ~ Federal Register.


The Wall Street Journal reported that 15 people had to be treated for rabies after being bitten by an adopted puppy that was infected. There is significant risk in adopting a dog of unknown health and background.


CUR: Canine Underground Railroad revealed that animal rescue can be a gold mine and moving dogs from shelter to shelter makes them “new” rescues, i.e. hot ticket items! The callous practice of rotating-moving stresses animals even more thus increasing the risk of disease and vaccine break-through in vaccinated dogs, especially puppies.


Rabid Squirrels Reports of rabies-infected squirrels in NYC’s Central Park are false. August 2019 headlines scream with warnings of rabid squirrels attacking people but according to the NY Post, ABC, and the WSJ they are totally false. “since it started doing rabies surveillance in 1992, it has never identified a squirrel with rabies.~ ABC NY and “the city has never found a squirrel to have rabies since it began surveilling the animals in 1992…~ WSJ


Dogs Aid Human Health Multiple medical sources confirm that owning a dog lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, provides mental and physical stimulation, and improves human health overall. That is why dogs are the #1 choice for therapy work. In fact, petting a dog releases the bonding-love hormone oxytocin and “…helps your body release a relaxation hormone and cuts down on levels of a stress hormone.~ www.webmd.com

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