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Privacy Pandemic Perfecta


If bad news comes in twos, here’s a perfecta. COVID-19 slammed America’s health and economy which coincidentally (?) raised support for Contact Tracing.


June 16, 2020 | TheDogPress.com Staff


Covid-19 from China set off a wave of contact tracing and privacy violations. You may remember when dog owners finally accepted microchips. Then it became “wise” to microchip an elderly family member who might wander away and get lost.



But did you know that by 2019 many corporations mandated microchipping employees?


In May 2020 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed that young children returning to school could or should be microchipped. It didn’t fly. Not yet.


But “contact tracing” is even more invasive whether by microchip, credit cards, land line or smart phone, etc. And it is sneaky and silent. You didn’t know every contact you have is a matter of record!?! Are you ready for this? Two current examples in the news…


Florida commissioner Nikki Fried stated “Contact tracing is a powerful public health tool that helps stop the further spread of COVID-19.


South Korea came under scrutiny (no pun intended) for its “meticulous contact tracing abilities” through “Sweeping up” citizens' cellphone and credit cards.


Texas, known for bravery, the Alamo, and handsome cowboys, is in an uproar over contact tracing allegedly for tracking COVID-19. Sen. Bob Hall pointed out the obvious, “Contact tracing is technically wrong, as it may be an effective tool to trace slow moving deadly viruses such as Ebola or Tuberculosis, but not for a fast-moving virus with a low death rate that is primarily spread by asymptomatic people."


We are just tools in the world-wide practice of collecting and selling our personal information. Some of us are devolving human-to-sheep faster than a hummingbird’s wing. If you have concerns about giving away the last of your personal privacy www.TheDogPlace.org covered the benefits and risk of microchipping our animals in “microchipping concerns”.


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