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In Memory of Victor Capone

the effect is that the dog world will never be the same...


VICTOR “Vic” CAPONE was removed from life support January 9, 2010. He had been through surgery and was due to be released just before Christmas.


1/11/2010 | TheDogPress.com

TheDogPress Staff


VICTOR “Vic” CAPONE PROFESSIONAL HANDLERSuddenly, he was rushed back into surgery after which, he remained in critical condition due to massive infection and surgical complications. His wife Sue remained at his bedside even though much of the time, Vic was unresponsive.


VICTOR “Vic” CAPONE PROFESSIONAL HANDLEROn Jan. 7th, Vic suffered a near-fatal lung embolism while still in a coma and his condition deteriorated even further. His wife Sue was forced to make the most difficult decision of her life but he is now at peace. There will be a private funeral and Sue asks that in lieu of flowers, friends send a donation to Take The Lead.


Nothing could be more fitting because Vic Capone was a generous handler. Quiet, kind, always there to lend a hand, Vic was respected by his peers. He was perhaps best known for piloting Bev donna Vic’s great Akita “Ben” to three successive Westminster Kennel Club Group ribbons, including the coveted blue ribbon.


Beverly Vics had this to say about Vic. “"Vic was always a gentleman... a gifted handler, a good sport and a gracious competitor. He will be sorely missed by the sport as well as we who knew, respected and loved him."

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