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The Sport of Dogs and TheDogPress.com pays tribute to breeders, handlers, judges, and icons who have contributed to our love and knowledge of purebred dogs and the fancy.


To many of us, these people were more than friends, they were our extended families.  If you would like us to honor someone on your behalf, email the editor.


Shirley Lawler, TheDogPress.com feature writer, newshound cat owner-exhibitor of champion LaPerm cats, and Cat Law list owner, Shirley passed away unexpectedly at her home on November 18, 2017.

Steven D. Gladstone Obituary June 11, 2017.  He was our friend, attorney, advisor to the dog fancy, trusted AKC Board ally and Steve Gladstone was a real dog-man, founder of Aragorn Cardigans.

Brenda Solomon left us because of a brain aneurysm January 10, 2017. Some people pass through our lives quietly but they leave a mark in the dog world and in the hearts of their friends.

Duane Doll, On July 19th, 2016 the world mourned the loss of a leader in the sport, the other half of the first and best glossy show dog magazines, and of his partner Joe McGinnis.

Susan Ann Wolf passed from this life on Tuesday, March 14, 2016. Sheltie fancier, Susan was a founding member of the NC RAOA and the national Sportsmen's & Animal Owners Voting Alliance.

Joan Weiskopf, died Monday November 23, 2015 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Bedlington Terrier fancier, mover and shaker, Book author, she will be missed by many.

Bobbie Jo Cheely, breeder of over 30 "Tuff" Borzoi champions, passed away Nov. 3rd 2010.  She is survived by her sister, poodle breeder Vickie Haywood.

Richard Bauer, former handler, extraordinary judge, suffered a possible heart attack and died en route to hospital following his judging assignment on March 12, 2010.

Vic Capone, popular handler seen world-wide winning Westminster groups, removed from life support Jan. 9th 2010 after suffering surgical complications.

T. Hall Keyes III, passed away Jan. 6th 2010 at the age of 89 years.  A Science And Advisory Board member, all who knew him mourn the end of an era.

Joseph (Joe) White, passed away suddenly Saturday October 24th, 2009.  K9 Veterans Day Founder and a noble soldier with a cause, let's make it come true. Send a note to your State Senator.

Judy Doniere, Lost to ovarian cancer Sept. 2009.  She and husband Pat were a popular judging team. Pat (also deceased) was President of SCJA, the Senior Conformation Judges Assoc.

John Yates, Founder and Executive Director of American Sporting Dog Alliance, passed away Sept. 15, 2009 during cancer surgery. His professional reporting on animal rights kept us all informed.

Dorothy Nickles, Miss Dorothy died peacefully in her sleep June 16, 2009 from double pneumonia.  As Joe McGinnis (ShowSight) said, dog shows will be different with her.  She had 99 glorious years.

George Heitzman, passed away with wife Barbara Alderman at his side on February 3, 2009.  He was a tough competitor, a beloved judge with a great sense of humor and tremendous love for the dogs.

Mike Shea, passed away Feb. 3, 2009, peacefully and without any pain. He was a popular and successful handler who later served as an AKC Rep, an icon in the sport, one who will be greatly missed.

Diane J. Albers, passed Dec. 20, 2008 at age 65, watching TV, a dog on her lap.  AKC Delegate, Judge, Diane was a force, a legend in her own time, Diane saved hundreds of dogs during Hurricane Katrina.

Mrs. Joan Anita Fallon, wife of our AKC Historian Louis Fallon, passed away Sept.20, 2008 after battling cancer.  We look forward to Louis' return as one of our best columnists and researchers.

Wynne Sharples Ballinger, died June 9, 2008 at 84. Pekingese breeder, over 60 AKC champions, her Ch. Claymore Opening Night won best of breed at the 2002 Westminster Kennel Club Show.

Davin McAteer, took his own life June 2008 after AKC suspended him for life in 2006.  Davin had many friends (and enemies) but all would agree, Davin truly loved dogs.

Earl Graham, a top dog show photographer, passed away December 22, after five months of declining health.  He would have been 84 years old in January and was still active until recently.

Anne Hone Rogers Clark, passed away Dec. 20, 2007.  Handler, Judge, an icon in dogs, her fame extended to the media, including her writing on the sport for the Wall Street Journal.

Michael Allen, she was publisher of "The American Cocker", world-famous Baliwick Cocker Spaniels,  and a renowned dog show artist who passed away November 2007.  Tribute by Peggy Mickelson

Melbourne T.L. Downing Sr., 92, died of heart failure November 2007.  A judge for more than 60 years, he was known for his good humor - and the little book in which he recorded judging notes.

Peggy Hogg (Mrs. Henry Kratz) passed away Sept. 2, 2007.  Peggy was a well-known Maltese, Shi-Tzus and Poodle handler and breeder, a gracious lady and judge who will be missed by all.

J. B. Hunt Sr., 79, passed away December 7, 2006.  Founder of Hunt Trucking, alleged to have partnered with Hunte, the puppy mill magnate, this Hunt is said to have been a generous person.

Lina Basquette, danced into eternity October 1994. Movie star, Great Dane breeder, Pro Handler, AKC Judge, Lina died at age 87 from cancer.  Tribute by this editor for whom she was a second mother.

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