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In Memory of John Yates

the effect is that the dog world will never be the same...


It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must announce that John Yates, founder and Executive Director of American Sporting Dog Alliance, passed away on Tuesday, September 15th, during cancer surgery. He had been battling this dreadful disease for eight months.



Donna Yates


He had always been an outspoken, fearless and eloquent supporter of human rights and personal freedom. Once he decided to fight for an issue he deemed worthwhile, he held on tight and refused to let go.


He lost a few but won so many!  he will be missed.


In keeping with his wishes, because he was, ultimately a very spiritual and private person, there will be no funeral or public ceremony to mark his passing.


In lieu of flowers, we ask only that you continue to support ASDA by joining or donating to help us carry on without him.


Many of his reports are archived on-line or saved on his computer. Sometimes, the questions change but the answers remain the same. He never made a report without suggesting a way to battle the injustices we, as dog owners, must face. Those suggestion and words of wisdom will not be silenced. With your help we can continue to speak out for freedom.

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