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Pam Porter, SE Region Reporter/PhotographerShowShots

Mid-West Region Opportunity!
If you have a digital camera and know Who's Who at the shows, contact@thedogpress.com


Pam Porter, SE Region Reporter/Photographer

Grtr Venice FL Dog Show

November 29th-30th, 2008 Turner Agri-Civic Center, Arcadia, FL (Group Results below)

Judges were treated to a lunch of traditional smoked BBQ from a popular local BBQ restaurant. The show super was Moss Bow Foley. MBF does most of the 74 all breed shows in Florida. Two of the shows licensed superintendents are Michelle Clair (L) and Tonya Jordan. Michelle has worked for MBF for ten years and Tonya has been with the organization for fifteen years.

Mr. Michael Sauve has been an AKC rep for 22 years. He lives in Orlando and first began showing Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Before Mr. Sauve became an AKC Field Rep, he judged the Toy Breeds, Corgis and Poodles.

16 year old Samantha Gillenwater of Orlando, has been showing dogs for 8 years. She travels with her Grandparents PAPILLON and JUNIOR EXHIBITORand shows in Junior Showmanship as well as in the breed ring with Chinese Crested and Papillons. Samantha would love to go to Westminster some day and in the meantime, she likes to help younger Juniors be the best they can be. Sam feels that this is a great family sport and thanks her Grandparents for letting her fulfill a dream.JUDY DONIERE, DOG SHOW JUDGE
Judge Judy Doniere is shown here choosing her Chinese Crested Winners Dog on Sunday. It was good to see her looking so well and fit. Her husband Pat passed away some years ago and Judy has had some health challenges. A popular judge, Judy is the “beautiful blonde” with brains!

Chief Ring Steward at these shows was SHOW DOG JUDGE PEGGY HAUCKPeggy Hauck. She is a member of the Dixie Professional Stewards, one of two Florida Steward’s clubs. Peggy has been judging since 1997 and currently judges Toy and Non-Sporting Groups as well as Juniors and BIS. Peggy is a great example of the many do-it-all dog people that make ourWHIPPET OWNER KERRIE KUPER sport work so well.

Breeder, Owner and Handler of the #1 Whippet for 2008 (Ch. Karasar's Artistry) is Kerrie Kuper of St. Petersburg. St. Pete used to be called “Old Folks Town” by Florida Crackers and is still a retirement destination for sun loving seniors. Famous for its green benches and “million dollar pier” it too has a home-town flavor that has survived rapid growth. Kerri moved with her parents from Parkridge, IL and started showing Whippets when she was just 8 years old. Her parents decided on the Karasar prefix by combining their two daughter’s names. Kerri finished her first dog at 11 years of age and is now an AKC judge licensed (whoops, approved) for Whippets, Greyhounds, Silky Terriers and Jr. Showmanship. Kerrie has handled 53 different breeds in her forty four years of showing dogs and is looking forward to going overseas to judge in 2009. 

LISA OWNS CHINESE CRESTED DOGSLisa LaDuke of Aragon's Chinese Crested, also in St Pete, is now trying her hand at embroidery and was delivering her latest work. Lisa is head of one of the several mother-daughter teams in Florida and will be the first to tell you that Sara does the grooming and handling!

Vic and Pat Blackburn of THE BLACKBURNS ARE DOBERMAN, SCHNAUZER, PAPILLON HANDLERSWindemere, FL have been married over 40 years and have been showing dogs since the late 1960's. Vic began showing a German Shephard import, then discovered Dobes and Giant Schnauzers. After handling for Papillon clients, they decided that was the breed for them. Shoshama is their prefix and they are presently specialing both a Papillon and Chinese Crested. Vic and Pat are one of a handful of dog show couples. They are noticing a slow down in entries, as finding a major entry in Papillons is getting more difficult.

Saturday's Best in Show
Judge Mrs. Judy A. Doniere
CH Woodside's Pacino, GSD - James Moses

Sporting - Judge: Mrs. Bettie L. Krause

1 CH Casmir Guns N Red Roses, Clumber Spaniel
2 CH Rosewater New Yorker, Labrador
3 CH Stonebrook Whisper To Me Jason, Eng. Springer

4 CH Brasswinds Roadracer At Warwick, Eng. Cocker

Hound - Judge: Dr. Alvin W. Krause

1 CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, PBGV

2 CH Khiva's Prophet Of Baha CD SC RA, Saluki
3 CH Kimani's Sneak Preview, Ridgeback
4 Harehill Bit O' Bunny, Ibizan

 Working - Judge: Mr. Jay Richardson

1 CH Ravencrest The Alchemist, Rottweiler
2 CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, Doberman

3 CH Owlwatch U Light Up My Life V Savy, Dane

4 CH Camlin Sea Dancer Makitso Secretariat, Portie

Terrier - Judge: Dr. Alvin W. Krause

1 CH Goodspice Sweep'Em Up Hoover, Sealyham
2  CH Yarrow Venerie Vignette , Norfolk
3 CH Kelly Stelles A Triple Crown, Min. Schnauzer

4 CH Standish's Total Knock Out, Border

Toy - Judge: Mrs. Myron (Corky) Gauger

1 CH Harbor's Pretty Is As Pretty Does, Havanese
2 CH Franshaw Hear Me Roar, Pekingese

3 CH Mondrian V H Lamslag RE, Cav. King Charles
4 CH Lamplighter's Bingo, Silky Terrier

Non-Sporting - Judge: Dr. Roger S Pritchard

1 CH Brighton Kaylen's Cadillac XLR, Standard Poodle
2 CH Starship's I'm A Believer, Schipperke

3 CH CP'S Kicking Up A Romance, Boston Terrier
4 CH Emerald Red Baron, Bulldog

Herding - Judge: Mrs. Sondra Joy Esporite

1 CH Woodside's Pacino, German Shepherd

2 CH Rollingview Beat Of My Heart, Old English

3 CH Sunburst One Cool Dude, Shetland Sheepdog
4 CH G & W Gresa Mazel, Bouviers

Held at the Turner Agriculture Civic Center in Arcadia, FL, the Club and their exhibitors are very pleased with the site, plenty of parking and dog walking space. There were four rings inside and two large grassy outside rings, plenty of room for everyone.


This year’s Show Chairman as well as Club DOG SHOW OFFICIALSSecretary, is Theresa J. Smith. Terri moved to Florida from northern Ohio. Her favorite breed is the Siberian Husky. She enjoyed dog sledding while in Ohio but says she doesn’t miss the cold and snow at all!   Crystal Peplinski (left) is a graphic designer and photographer. Each show day, she offered a personal painting as the BIS award. Again, that personal touch exhibitors love.

The Greater Venice Dog Club was founded in 1979 by an impressive group of active and retired AKC judges. They presently have a membership of fifty. The Venice Dog Club is very active in the community and offers conformation, agility and rally training.

Arcadia is located 101 miles southwest of Tampa, a “just right” small town with a population of nearly 7000 permanent residents. Although devastated by Hurricane Charley in 2004, civic pride and industrious Floridians have rebuilt without losing its charming “down home” characteristics.


The city has preserved beautiful old churches and several old homes, built in the late 1800's, with pillars and porches that go around the house. If you are into antiques, Arcadia would be an interesting place to hunt. There is even an Antique Square with several locally owned shops.


In the lobby of the Civic Center, twoVENICE FLORIDA DOG SHOW beautiful bronze sculptures greet exhibitors with two bronze statues, examples of Florida’s ranching history. From the lowlands north of the Everglades to the Panhandle, real cowboys still tend cattle which have evolved from the long horned “scrub cattle” to today’s prime beef and dairy cattle. Kissimmee is still called “cow town” by native Floridians.

RON BIGFORD, SHOW DOG HANDLERRon Bigford has been showing for thirty four years and as a professional handler for twenty seven of those years. Dogs are not his only interest and passion. Ron started as a television Camera man, and then went on to many other types of video journalism. He has also done a lot of coverage for ABC, NBC, CBS and 30 documentaries for PBS. Ron has won two Emmy awards and 30 Telly Awards. The video work you see on the Westminster Web site is Ron's. He has also covered many of Florida's top crime scenes and of course THE Hurricanes. And is now a free lance video photographer who enjoys the challenge of working with show dogs. Teaching them to be the best they can be, and giving them a sunny vacation to remember.

There were not many vendors inRUMBO DOG SHOW SUPPLIES Arcadia, but the largest and the one at most Florida shows is Rumbo Pet Supplies. They do more than just sell supplies, exhibitors seek them out for expert sharpening of blades and scissors – and to catch up on who’s doing what at the dog shows! East Coast shows and breeders, owners and handlers can usually count on Rumbo to also be there with equipment and supplies. Rambo is owned by Dick Korn and assisted by Gerald Miller (pictured), of Okeechobee, Florida. Gerald happens to be one of the breeders and a co-owners of the 2008 # 1 Chinese Crested, Ch. Risin Stars China Doll so you know he loves the shows! 


In closing, I am saddened to report that this was Betty Krause's last judging assignment, it was announced that she has retired. She will be greatly missed by the Special World of Dog Shows.

Sunday's Best in Show

Judge Mrs. Myron (Corky) Gauger
CH Woodside's Pacino, GSD - James Moses

Sporting Judge: Dr. Alvin W. Krause

1 CH Casmir Guns N Red Roses, Clumber Spaniel
2 Ch Chilcote's Talk About Me, Brittany
3 CH Darnelle's All That Glitters, German Wirehaired
4 DE LA Vega Jersey Girl, Golden Retriever

Hound - Judge: Mrs. Bettie L. Krause

1 CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, PBGV

2 CH Khiva's Prophet Of Baha CD SC RA, Saluki
3 CH Kimani's Sneak Preview, Ridgeback
4 Hashirin's Ingenious Seventh Samurai, Afghan

Working - Judge: Mrs. Sondra Joy Esporite

1 CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, Doberman
2 CH Ravencrest The Alchemist, Rottweiler
3 CH Red Vico Woks In Paradise, Bullmastiff
4 CH Camlin Sea Dancer Makitso Secretariat, Portie

Terrier - Judge: Mr. Jay Richardson

1 CH Topwyre Candy Man, Wire Fox
2 CH Bayshore's Sneak Preview, Parson Russell
3 CH Yarrow Venerie Vignette , Norfolk
4 CH Standish's Total Knock Out, Border

Toy - Judge: Dr. Roger S Pritchard

1 CH Tradewinds Star Dust, LC Chihuahua
2 CH Franshaw Hear Me Roar, Pekingese
3 CH Mondrian V H Lamslag RE, Cav. King Charles

4 CH Lamplighter's Bingo, Silky Terrier

Non-Sporting - Judge: Mr. Steve Hayden

1 CH Tara Huff Edrey Starbuck, Lhasa Apso
2 CH Chrystal's Totally Chromed Out, Standard Poodle
3 CH Araki Tinckle Winckle Of Dialynne, Tibetan Terrier
4 CH Starship's I'm A Believer, Schipperke

Herding - Judge: Mrs. Bettie L. Krause

1 CH Woodside's Pacino, German Shepherd
2 CH G & W Gresa Mazel, Bouviers
3 CH Rollingview Beat Of My Heart, Old English
4 Baymoor Levitation, Pembroke Welsh Corgi


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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Roger Caras

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