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Christmas Puppies & Pet Shops


Join top breeders, dog show judges in answering 3 critical questions on the appropriateness of giving a puppy for Christmas and pet shops selling puppies.


NOTE: First name, last name and email are required in order to submit the form. Your email will be embedded in your name to protect your privacy. The best responses will be selected for a follow-up report.  See a previous Simple Survey of Purebred Dog Owners

Did you or someone you know buy or receive a puppy for Christmas?

Choose "YES or NO" from the dropdown, then tab to or click in next box.

Do you think it is appropriate to give a puppy for Christmas?

Choose "YES or NO" from the dropdown

Do you think pet shops should only sell pet supplies?

Choose "YES or NO" from the dropdown

Enter your comment on giving or receiving pets as presents.

Type your answer (limited to 50 words) then tab to insert your privacy-protected name and email to validate your responses.




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