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Westminster KC 2019 Pre-Show Who's Who Survey


YOU are who’s who at this year's exciting Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which went just over the 2800 maximum allowed in breed competition.


February 4, 2019 | TheDogPress.com


Nat Geo WILD will broadcast WKC on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11-12, 2019 from 1 pm to 4 pm EST. The coveted Groups and Westminster Best In Show telecast will continue live on FS1 (Fox Sports) Monday and Tuesday from 7 pm to 11 pm EST.


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Be sure to visit Westminster KC Preview for the When, Where and Who including the BIS judge and TV schedules.


This is Part One; "the Survey" of a Two-Part feature, here's the "Selected Follow-up Replies".  Send this "comment" opportunity to friends and/or share on facebook.


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