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Drug-Sniffing Dog Dies Of Overdose


How did Jake, a playful Belgian Malinois puppy, grow up to become a dedicated drug-sniffing dog who died in the line of duty. Your COMMENTS needed!


Jake is shown here with his handler, Sgt. Quinton Jones. Courtesy Alabama Department of Corrections.


How could this happen in today’s prison system? It is a question that deserves a real answer, not just media fluff. Jake was as dedicated and loved his job as much as any human hero. He went to work every day at the Alabama Department Of Corrections where he helped enforce order but more importantly, he protected those he served.


There’s a back-story here that will make you think and we know you will… But first some unpleasant facts. It wasn’t just his handler’s life Jake was responsible for, he saved the lives of countless prison inmates – and that is the conundrum.


Drug-dealing is big business in prison which is why drug-detection dogs are employed in many state institutions. It is fair to say that prisons hold many people who are not the brightest bulb in the box and add to that the fact that a high percentage of prisoners are not concerned with human life or safety. They will do anything for power and money and that’s where this story begins and ends.


Some drugs are laced with fentanyl to increase the effect even though the synthetic opioid is nearly 50 times as potent as morphine. In 2018 illegal versions of fentanyl were blamed for tripling the rate of overdose death, due in part to drug dealers lacing marijuana with fentanyl.


When dog lovers think about it, and reading this story you will, dogs and their wild relatives seem to have a higher moral code than many humans of today. Oh sure, a dog will try to steal another’s animal’s bone but every canine understands a growl and “that look” that says “I’m not done yet.” When the possessor of the bone, toy, bed (or lap) is ready to share, his counterpart knows it’s okay to “steal” the treasure.


Some members of the superior race seem to have forgotten that moral message or they “don’t have the brains God gave a billy-goat” as we southerners say.  So an honest, hard-working, selfless dog lost his life because some human had less character, honesty, and morality than "a dumb dog". Kind’a makes you think.


And while you’re doing that, perhaps you will confront the reality of this story. Drug Dealing in prison???? How can that be true? What is happening to your state taxes? You know, real estate tax, gas tax, sales tax, etc.? Why would a state prison have to employ drug-sniffing dogs? How do the drugs get in? Are visitors checked by drug-detection dogs? What about employees?


Which would be cheaper – to drug-sniff every visitor and employee coming through the gate or lose prisoners, and in this case, prison personnel to illegal drugs? Illegal drugs in prison? What does that say about our state and federal prison systems?


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey paid emotional tribute to Jake the dog as she pointed out “Jake is an example of the goodness, the loyalty and service that our four-legged friends provide. We certainly lost a loyal companion.” One of our staff mumbled under his breath “And we are losing our tax dollars to state institutions that don’t do their job.


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