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Top TV Shows For Animal Lovers: 2019


What are your most-watched TV programs?  Animal shows, comedies, mysteries, news or nature? share your favorite shows with other readers - and the networks!



Topping the “most watched” list for the fourth year, Fox News was the top cable network, widening its lead from 2018. This was attributed to political coverage and Donald Trump’s frequent appearances but Fox has also been generous with airtime for animal related shows such as Animals Are Great, Lifestyle Pets, World Of Animals, and Wild Nature.


Of course there’s Animal Planet and tons of NatGeo “Wild” shows. It depends on your cable company but animal lovers also favor the many veterinary shows available today. Dr. Pol is a large animal vet with a small animal practice so there’s plenty of interesting variety.


There are zoo shows, wild animal shows, and the movie channels meet our demand for nature, outdoors, westerns, and the occasional horse or dog show, including some top AKC Events.


Tell us which shows you watch the most; news, drama, crime, comedy, mysteries, cooking/food shows, travel? What type of programming appeals to you?  Our Media Dept. will send survey results to the networks. Will it change programming? Will a survey of over 100,000 people impact the 2020 lineup?  Think about this…


Animal lovers are big spenders. See recent statistics on Dog Owner Spending.  Sponsors for the bigger AKC events are beginning to show more support and that decides what makes it on your TV screen. Want to see more TV shows like “Lassie Come Home” and “Old Yeller”? Horse people pushed and got “The Black Stallion” in an updated television version which achieved excellent ratings.


Tell the networks and our subscribers what you want to see on your TV or tablet.  Email the “Editor”.

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