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Why answer NetPlaces Network Surveys or make COMMENTS? Because YOU understand dogs and who better to inform 1.2 million visitors than our Subscribers!


Alarm or Dog Security?

Have you ever had a break-in? Tell us what happened. Participate in this survey on the most reliable protection for your family.


School Security Dogs

As a military strategist I would include trained attack dogs to protect our kids from school shooters and allow teachers to carry.


Survey: Puppies & Pet Shops

Join top breeders, dog show judges in answering 3 critical questions on the appropriateness of giving a puppy for Christmas and pet shops selling puppies.


Study: Loving Your Pet

Professor Marshall reveals how love for people affects attitudes towards pets.


Purebred Dog Owner Study

What did the most definitive profile of the dog fancy reveal about judges, breed preference, still showing, breeding…?


Grooming Rule Violations

Selectively enforced? Ballot results and reader COMMENTS.


Full Uterus For Sale

Dog-for-sale ad for a pregnant, 9 year old German Shepherd... your COMMENTS!


Dog Show Economics

COMMENTS on who benefits most from dog shows, puppy mills, show breeders ...


Shar-Pei Case Comments

COMMENTS to 48 months of Human Abuse was overwhelming.


Judges Judging Nature

Your COMMENTS how they have endangered purebred dogs.


Be A Specialty Breeder

What makes hobby breeding different from rescue? Your COMMENTS!


Wrong Dog Scandal

We interviewed AKC Show Operations on this, your COMMENTS invited.


Ringer: Pom Substituted

Charges filed, affidavits, photographic evidence provided, COMMENTS (closed).


Cropping-Docking Ban

Will the registries and breed clubs roll over on cropping and docking? Are cropped breeds declining due to expense? Your COMMENTS on this report!


Crop/Dock & Breed Type

Reader COMMENTS: breeders are under assault, registrations are dropping, show attendance is down and legislation against cropped and docked breeds is increasing.


Should Elderly judges resign?

Ballot Results & Your COMMENTS sent to AKC Judges Department.


Gamecock Economics

Our founding fathers had respect for the courage of the gamecock... COMMENTS are welcome.


Vanacor on Petland Contract

Supports the deal, what do you expect?


Dozens of Letters on Petland

The dog fancy revolts over AKC betrayal.

Westminster Survey Replies

YOU were the who’s who at this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and here's what some of our top subscribers had to say.


Survey: Westminster Pre-Show

YOU are Who’s Who at this year's show whether going or not when you answer these quick WKC questions for our readers...


Survey: First Purebred Dog

Your answers have real meaning to potential puppy buyers, here are the published results.


Greed vs. Core Purpose

The AKC Mission Statement focus shifts to the bottom line, mixed-breed dogs, marketable health and responsible ownership. COMMENTS welcome.


Parent Club Problem

Your COMMENTS on a Club's purpose? Who does it serve?


Survey: National Breed Clubs

We asked about print or mailed newsletters and we request your COMMENTS.


Stolen Dogs

Professional animal transport service minces no words on Woofstock-bound handler, plus the people who saved the dogs and your COMMENTS!


Survey: Why Shows Are Failing

Compiling report published and sent to the registries but did it help?


Why Shows Are Failing

You, the experts COMMENTED, over 900 responses sent to AKC and UKC.


Pedigree Commercials

Dominating Westminster. Survey and your COMMENTS on "mutt" ads.


Joan Huber Case

83 year old legendary Schnauzer breeder loses her life-time breeding program when her dogs are confiscated. The dog fancy COMMENTS.


Violence and Vaccines

Nikolas Cruz practiced animal cruelty ... and killed 17 people. Also instant info historical ii SCHOOL SHOOTINGS LIST.


MCOA Comments

The Mastiff Club problem set a new record for public vileness.



Ringling Bros. wins under RICO but update needs your input and COMMENTS.


AKC Registration Debacle

AKC refused comment on registering non-registered dogs, YOU had plenty to COMMENT on! ��


Pillory of Dog Clubs

How do clubs fail breeders? You told us in COMMENTS - loss of control of the breed standard, judge and breeder education...


2-Day Show Petition Comments

Exhibitors know how to keep dog shows alive in this economy.


AKC Rule Against Alteration

Should it be enforced or rescinded?


Judges Judging Nature

Your COMMENTS on the future of purebred dogs.

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