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Replies to AKC Virtual Dog Show Survey


We asked NetPlaces Network subscribers about having AKC virtual dog shows and what it will mean to the sport of purebred dogs, you replied and it doesn't look good!


July 14, 2020 | TheDogPress.com

NetPlaces Network Staff


Breeders, Handlers, and Judges gave us feedback on this critical issue in Virtual Dog Show: AKC 2020.  What we found in your answers could be very troublesome to the way dog shows and the fancy itself will move forward during the pandemic and the future.  Will we be able to re-cover? Will anything be the same, we think not. Showing may never be the same...


1.  Do you think online shows are good for the sport? 77% said it won't be good for the sport of purebred dogs.


2.  Will these shows be good for maintaining breed characteristics? 69% said no, watching shows will not help preserve breed type.


3.  Would you judge a virtual dog show? No one said "yes" but 38% said they would not… so who would judge an online show???


4.  Is this a “virtual” disaster for purebred dogs? 77% felt it would be a disaster.


5.  31% thought it would be an expedient way to earn AKC Championships.


6.  Would we still need professional handlers? 92% said handlers won't be needed but not everyone would want a video of themselves in their yard trying to show off their dog, so perhaps, handlers will have a new venue to work with...


7.  Can Superintendents stay in business without live dog shows? 85% said they will not need need Superintendents but again, a few Superintendents may find a new way for people to enter new virtual dog shows. Some said perhaps you would still get a premium list upon entering with your time and place to show your video online, who you are up against and what time they will be in the "virtual ring".


8.  Can Breed Clubs survive? 62% said the breed clubs will close.


9.  38% stated that photographers will probably switch to videography but 62% thought they wouldn't be needed at all.


10.  And lastly, what will happen to print media? 63% felt that it will all move online and 31% hope that printers/publishers will continue to print their favorite dog magazines.


We received good answers and great response but the survey also brought up more questions on the future of the dog fancy and the sport of purebred dogs...


Click if you missed the original survey, Virtual Dog Show: AKC 2020

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