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Editor-In-Chief for theDogPress - Barbara "BJ" AndrewsBarbara Andrews

Journalist, author of 8 breed books, breeder of over 225 AKC Chs. and All-Time record holders. Founder of the AKC Min. Bull Terrier Club, Akita, and Toy Fox Terrier fancier.

David ArthurDavid J. Arthur, SMSgt

UKC Judge, Standard Poodle breeder, Legislative Liaison, degreed in Environmental Health, with minors in Biology and Chemistry, David serves his country and dog owners.

Sue BeaulieuSue Beaulieu

Legal Editor and researcher, Sue is an Aviculturist and former Legislative Affairs Liaison for Professional Aviculturists and served as Delegate for the American Federation of Aviculture.

CinDee and Joseph ByerCinDee & Joe Byer

Since 1978, Joe and CinDee Byer (former secretary ADPEF) own, train, breed and exhibit Dobermans. Active in DPCA, they also created and organized "Pet Conventions".

Geneva CoatsGeneva Coats

Pomeranian hobbyist, Recording Secretary and Legislative Liaison for the American Pomeranian Club, Geneva is a critical care RN interested in genetics, nutrition, and politics.

Tam CordingleyTam Cordingley

Features Editor, Tam is a UKC judge, Real Estate Broker, multi-species animal trainer, behavioral counselor, and former AKC licensed All-Breed handler.

B.L. Cozad Jr.B.L. Cozad Jr.

His service training as U.S. Army ret SFC (22 yrs.) and devotion to country led him to become involved in legislation affecting his fellow Americans and ALL animal ownership.

E. Katie GammillEdna "Katie" Gammill

AKC judge since 1979, Katie does Working and Herding Groups, is an accomplished poet, artist, and freelance writer whose breed is Australian Cattle Dogs.

Gordon Garrett, BAGordon Garrett, BA

A German Shepherd Dog breeder since the 50s, an All Breeds Canada Kennel Club (CKC) Judge since the 60's. He authored a book on the breed and achieved a BA degree at the age of 76.

Col. Sam HarperCol. Sam Harper

Vietnam spotter who sees the sport clearly through his daughter. Sam prefers hounds, writes only when he has something to say and then we listen!

Vickie HaywoodVickie Haywood

The first female NC Dog Warden, grooming business owner, serves on multiple KC and Breed Club Boards, this long-time Poodle breeder also competes in Field and Obedience.

Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVADr. Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA

With an ever-expanding resume in the field of energy medicine and as an International authority on vaccines, she is in world-wide demand for her lectures and veterinary seminars.

Fred LantingFred Lanting

AKC, Int'l All-Breed & SV Judge; “Mr.GSD” is a leading HD authority who presents seminars on gait/structure and orthopedic disorders.  He is a Technical and breed-book author, novelist, poet.

Shirley LawlerShirley Lawler

Shirley was a newshound, cat owner-exhibitor of Regional and Supreme alter champion LaPerm cats and Cat Law list owner.

Dr. Roberta Lee, D.D., Ph.D., N.D.Roberta Lee, DD, PhD, ND

Dr. Lee (Science and Advisory Board Member) held four PhD degrees, was a TV and Radio show host, book author, teenage health specialist, and devoted Doberman owner.

Nel LiquormanNel Liquorman

Investigative reporter, Health and Science Editor, Nel developed the KEEP FLEAS OFF program, subsequently wrote the book, and is an acclaimed writer for Animal Wellness Magazine feline issues.

Frank LoseyFrank Losey

He is an attorney, 25 years pentagon service, who retired, has taken on HSUS through IRS code, for which he obtained statutory changes...

Dorothy "Dot" MartinDorothy "Dot" Martin

Multi-Group AKC Judge, JEC Coordinator for the American  Pomeranian Club and the Carolina Dog Judges Group, "Dot" is a student of health and homeopathy.

Delilah PennDelilah Penn

Common-sense animal husbandry, animal rescue, writes for the average pet owner because she says that is just what she is!

Julie Borst ReedJulie Borst Reed

AKC approved Sweeps, JS Judge, Julie has bred Standard Poodles under the Tiara banner for over 30 years and is an avid genetic researcher.

Karen RhodesKaren Rhodes

She was a professional administrator before enduring a 2017 bout with death. Now joining us as a talented writer who is of course, a lover of animals and all things beautiful..

Dannielle RomeoDannielle Romeo

Activist on local, state and federal levels to protect pet owners' rights, Dannielle is an avid researcher who operates a small show kennel, Black Knight Akitas.

Sherry ShivelySherry Shivley

Journalist Award Winner, self-proclaimed newbie who is expanding her passions: showing Boxers (which she has had for over 30 years) and writing.

Stella StarrStella Starr

Pet Columnist, dancer, published poet and writer, Stella is a devoted fancier of white Persian cats and Springer Spaniels but she does not breed.

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