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National Pet Press is the first (only) national newspaper for everyone who loves animals.  It pays tribute to Companion Animal species, i.e. our PETS; dogs, cats, horses, and birds.  NPP explores our fascination with reptiles and exotic species.  Every edition celebrates the human/animal bond through entertaining, enlightening information.  Click Here To Subscribe!


The Mission of National Pet Press is to preserve, protect, and promote responsible ownership of companion animals.


We achieve this goal through entertainment, education, political enlightenment., and an appreciation for carefully bred and lovingly cared for pets.


Launched February 2007, National Pet Press is a successful cross-over publication with bold appeal for both pet owners and show competitors.  In addition to national news stories, it features cutting-edge People & Pet Health news, training, rearing, and nutrition information to insure pets attain their full potential as family members or show ring standouts. 


NPP is a target-audience publication but make no mistake - that's over 70% of American households, most of which are middle to upper income and have more than one species to which they are devoted.


They will spend over $40 Billion this year on their pets.  National Pet Press provides discounts, coupons and product reviews for readers to avoid trial and error shopping.  A tangible savings value!


National Pet Press contributors are prominent breeders, judges, legislative liaisons, medical doctors, and veterinarians. 

NPP's Design and Editorial Director is a nationally known newsweekly and daily newspaper professional who insures interesting content and credible sourcing for readers.


The public is starved for reliable guidance but sorting through the proliferation of online experts is difficult and the divisive Animal Rights groups spin misinformation.  The onslaught of intrusive state and local legislation jeopardizes all animal owners but is rarely reported in mainstream media.  It is reported in NPP.  In fact, National Pet Press is the only publication in America that provides all animal owners with coverage on National Legislative threats.  Our Legislative Liaisons report proposed, pending, and passed legislative actions in State Of Mine.


National Pet Press supports owners with information critical to the availability of well-bred purebreds.   Knowledge is power, therefore we are dedicated to presenting news that empowers owners. If you agree, we trust you will support the National Pet Press through subscription, advertising, and your valued input.


Quality People demand Quality Companions. 
National Pet Press speaks to that need.


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