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What To Feed

Poisons and chemicals in pet foods! Health and Nutrition sections help you feed your dog or cat safely and economically.

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Charities Looking To Donate? 

NPP Pet-itorial reveals the worst and best rated pet related charities from HSUS to AKC CHF to PeTA. 

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Dog Agility
Lisa Herman, a top Agility contender shares training and motivation secrets in this NPP Exclusive Interview.  Get fit and have fun!

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Meet The Press and Classified Advertisers in the only magazine or newspaper for prospective dog, cat, horse, bird and reptile owners.

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Famous Trainer

Joan Ronalder, whose liberty horse and dancing horse acts were rodeo and horse show favorites. An NPP Interview Exclusive!

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Pet Legislation in Louisville, KY.  New anti-pet law is pushed through despite outraged citizens and kennel clubs opposition. 

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