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Stipulations: Submissions are always welcome. There is no guarantee of publication.  No writer’s fee and remuneration is neither promised or implied.  Submissions become property of publisher if accepted but you retain ownership rights.  Editorial rights must be fully granted. Your work may be selected for online publication or for The National Pet Press newspaper.  Subscribe To National Pet Press Today!If previously published, please acknowledge the publisher or provide reprint permission from the author or publication.

Photos: Maximum 3 non-copyrighted high resolution jpgs or gifs at a minimum 200 DPI/ 800 KB.  Designers will crop unwanted background, reduce resolution for web insertion, etc.  Photos, articles, or other materials will not be returned unless accompanied by SASE.

Columns/News: 300 to 600 words (1 page or less) Feature Articles: 1,000 word maximum.  

Format:  Word documents with attached photos or illustrations.  Avoid overuse of adjectives in a news story.  Footnote reference and/or source.  Reporters present facts, not opinion.  Columnists may state their position on the subject but must refrain from editorializing.

First paragraph should clearly state subject.  Write the story concisely, with pertinent documentation but limit in-text references.  Footnotes are preferable if there are more than two references.  Title may be changed for maximum impact and clarity.

Structure: Tell ’em what you’re gonna to tell them in the first paragraph.  Then tell the story in next two or three short paragraphs. Then summarize by telling ’em what you told them in the last paragraph. 

Whether for print or online publication, use “keywords” in your introductory paragraph, in your delivery of the story, and reinforced in the summary.  Operations will insert keywords if necessary when formatting articles to be published in  or

We look forward to reading your article!

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