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Barbara J. Andrews, NPP Publisher, has authored seven multi-language breed books, and since 1968's, been a columnist for all but one major dog magazine in the U.S.  She currently writes for ShowSight Magazine, the AKC Gazette, and is Editor of and “BJ” and husband Bill (deceased) have bred over 230 AKC Champions including over a dozen AKC All Time Top Akita Sires and Dams, plus other top ranked Show Winners.  TopSpot Cattery produced nationally ranked Bengals and she currently "champions" the Toy Fox Terrier.

David J. Arthur, SMSgt., is an approved UKC Judge, the son of a newspaper writer and moderator for the Poodle-L list.  David is degreed in Environmental Health, with minors in Biology and Chemistry. His first breed was Shetland Sheepdogs and in 1992 he founded Aircastle Standard Poodles from which have come many International, AKC Champions and UKC Grand Champions. Excelling in performance events.  His dogs also work as Therapy Dogs and David teaches handling in Milford Ohio.

Sue Beaulieu, NPP Aviculture Editor, is a freelance with a paralegal degree. A pet bird owner, she is VP of Legislative Affairs for the Organization of Professional Aviculturists and served as Delegate to the American Federation of Aviculture. She was newsletter editor and Vice President for a local club, contributing editor for On Wings, an aviculture publication, and currently writes for GameFowl News, which specializes in hypocrisy of PeTA and HSUS, animal rights terrorism and the ever increasing loss of our liberties and Constitutional rights.

Derek Clontz, NPP Editorial Consultant, maintains offices in New Orleans LA and Gainesville FL.  Clontz, 55, has written for, edited and consulted with numerous high-profile publications that include award-winning daily and weekly newspapers, national mass-circulation newsweeklies, and celebrity magazines. He is founder and president of 4-Page Media, Inc., a publishing and consulting firm based in Florida. 

Tam Cordingley, NPP Features Editor, is UKC licensed to judge all breeds, a successful Real Estate Broker, multi-species trainer, and behavioral counselor.  Since 1954 she has worked as an AKC Licensed Handler, Animal Shelter employee, boarding kennel operator, Animal Control Officer, and State Humane  Officer. She helped form the International Australian Shepherd Assn. to seek AKC recognition and has shown Champions and Obedience title holders in six Groups.  A breeder of Smooth Fox Terriers, owner of, Tam is seldom seen without a “personal dog” at her side.

Miss Margaret Doster, an international free-lance writer, has owned American Staffordshire Terriers for 25 years. She serves as: 2nd VP and Region 1 Administrative Coordinator American Dog Owner's Association; Kennel Club of Buffalo Board Of Directors / Legislative and Public Education Chair; and moderator for both the Purebredpuppy BSL Forum and the DFNYdoglaw. A teacher for 38 years, Peggy is also a highly skilled Conformation and Obedience Trainer.

Louis A. Fallon, a preeminent AKC historian and researcher, modestly says he has been a pooper-scooper and dog club volunteer since 1970. One of his great-grandfathers, Charles J. Peshall, Esq. of Jersey City NJ was a founding father of the AKC, the first chairman of the AKC Stud Book Committee, the lawyer that wrote the first set of AKC bylaws, a Field Trial and Bench Show exhibitor and Pointer breeder. 

Mike Frazer is a former police detective and humane society Director of Criminal Investigations. He uncovered the nation’s largest dog-fraud scam; his investigations lead to the first USDA recovery of a 'stolen dog' pursuant to the AWA, a historic companion-animal abuse case and US tax evasion dog-sales cases resulting in more than a dozen felony convictions. He has appeared on 20/20, ABC World news, CBS Prime Time, etc. Frazier attracted the attention of Herm David PhD. resulting in a collaboration which provided numerous media and law-enforcement agencies with documentation supporting critical US DOJ Postal Services' investigation of what Dr. David referred to as "the un-American kennel club."

Ronald A. Gustafson is an Aerospace Engineer and Graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School. With over 20 years as an Operations Research Analyst, he was appointed to the Groundwater Protection Task Force of Bernalillo County, NM, and later, the Valencia County Animal Control Advisory Board. In 2003 he founded the NM Animal Control Forum and in 2006 initiated and is Chairman of the Rescind HEART campaign in Albuquerque, NM. Ron is the AKC Legislative Liaison for Valencia Valley Kennel Club. As a hobby, he exhibits herding dogs and maintains a small flock of sheep and goats, and two  rescue donkeys.

Vickie Haywood, NPP Pet Care Editor, was the first female sworn Dog Warden in NC (1978) and has held offices with the North Carolina Animal Control Officers Association, sat on committees to re write NC dog laws and is a gifted speaker/seminar presenter. She's a poodle breeder, professional groomer, and co-owner of The Hairy Beast in Aberdeen, NC.  Vickie served as President of the Central Carolina Poodle Club, and Show Chair for 4 years. She was VP of the Lumberton Kennel Club and also Show Chair for the seven-day Tar Heel Cluster event. Her many Champions also excel in Obedience and Therapy Dog work.



Catherine Hunter, Equine Editor. Former trainer for Atlanta PD Mounted Patrol, College teacher in Equestrian Management and Equine Studies, and co-host of cable TV’s “Horse Talk”, Catherine conducts clinics, is a Licensed Race Horse Trainer and SE States horse show judge.

Rebecca King – Majored in English and Audio Engineering, is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and graduate of Equine Massage courses.  A voracious student, Rebecca studied Metalsmithing, took courses in  Wildlife Rehabilitation at WNC Nature Center.  She has worked as a professional groomer, in wildlife rehabilitation with a specialty in reptiles and animal rescue shelters and shows in Agility and it’s safe to say, has a wide-ranging interest and love for all animals.

Fred Lanting is a highly respected dog show judge, internationally approved as an all-breed and SV judge, Sieger and Schutzhund specialist. He presents seminars and consults worldwide on Gait and Structure, Orthopedic Disorders, Anatomy, Training Techniques, and evaluation of The GSD. Fred breeds occasional litters and conducts non-profit Sieger sightseeing tours. He is a prolific author with several technical books and articles on the above subjects, in addition to travel and training articles, some of which are available in Resource Library.

Nell Liquorman, NPP Health Editor, is a gifted artist but after nearly poisoning a rescued flea-ridden cat with a vet-recommended dip, she became a science and health writer to the benefit of animals. In 1991 she developed KEEP FLEAS OFF, a pesticide-free program that makes dogs, cats, and other furry friends "invisible to fleas". She has been published in Animal Wellness Magazine (Canada) and was interviewed by Akron Beacon Journal staff writer Connie Bloom.  CATS (Californians for Alternatives to Toxics) has commended Nell for her contributions to animal health.

Delilah Penn, a small town girl who grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals to care for, learned right from the start to take things in stride. When it comes to animal husbandry, she tries to give folks a common-sense, useful perspective. She now lives with several pet dogs and cats, a couple of snakes, and… whatever animals she can rescue. Her philosophy says it all. “If  you accept animals for what they are, you can’t go wrong.”  She writes for the average pet owner because she says that is just what she is!

Stella Starr, NPP Pet Columnist, is a published poet and writer.  True to her father's side of the "pedigree", she was a gypsy dancer, a local celebrity (or outrage, depending on male vs female opinion) who performed at the upscale Gypsy Inn.  She is a great fancier of white and silver Persian cats and Springer Spaniels although she has never chosen to breed or show them.  Admittedly reclusive, Stella takes inspiration from the natural world and her animal friends. 

Linda D. Witouski, NPP Legislative Editor, is an AKC Judge with an Assoc. Degree in law. Owner of  and, she is the AKC Legislative Liaison for PA and SC and serves multiple national legislative organizations.  She is the Legislation Chair and on the Board of Directors for Myrtle Beach Kennel Club, and as Independent Legislation Liaison at Large, assists groups in any state. A respected dog fancier, Linda is first and foremost, a Fancy Breeder known for her record holding Miniature Pinscher, BISS Am/Can Ch. KeriLynns Drop Dead Fred.

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