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'Dog Agility' sport helps your pet -- & you -- live longer!

DOG AGILITY ... What's it all about?

Lisa Herman is a top competitor who obliged us with first hand answers.

     "First it's fun and second, a great way to build confidence in the shy dog and burn off excess energy in the high drive dog"!

     Oh, and did I mention it's a perfect way to lose weight and gain strength? You and your dog can join in on the fastest growing dog sports in the USA!"

     Lisa explains "Agility courses consist of 15-20 obstacles dog and handler run through against a clock.

     Agility began in England in 1978 and there are many different venues in the USA; among them AKC, USDAA, NADAC and UKC to name a few.

     The sport of agility is open to everyone and dogs of all breeds and mixes. It is an athletic sport, which requires training, determination and dedication."

     Lisa first saw agility on TV and started training her two Toy Fox Terriers. Says Lisa, "I was rewarded with the excitement my dogs showed for the sport.

     "As they learned new obstacles and commands the dogs became eager to tackle more and I was happy to oblige them!

     "We all taught each other many things and while they learned lots of new skills; the dogs in turn have taught me so much about life and myself! What started as a great exercise outlet for my terriers and me turned into becoming totally hooked!

     "I remember vividly my first competition and negotiating the course with my little terrier and the exhilaration of running and becoming one with my dog.

     "As we crossed the finish line, whether the run was perfect or not did not matter to me - it was the thrill and excitement of the teamwork!

     "Yes, I admit I'm totally addicted to agility.

     She started the agility training in 2001 and entered their first trial in 2002 after a full year's training.

     "We were all novices and we learned together. It is a sport that builds a tremendous bond with your dog and the relationship continues to grow.

     "We are a team and the bottom line is... that we always have fun no matter what the outcome!

     Lisa works full time and as a top national competitor, she now teach­es agility three nights a week, trains her own dogs daily and competes in trials one or two weekends a month.

     Laughing she says "Busy? I'll say... but I savor every second of my wonderful life with my family and dogs!!"

     "If you love excitement, spirit and staying on your toes... Agility just might be the sport for you! I know my life is richer thanks to three wonderful little Toy Fox Terriers that put a smile on my face each and every day!!"

     Lisa Herman is the expert and she's right, there are no "losers" in this sport.

     The benefits to both owner and dog are incalculable as shown in this photo (right) taken by a bystander at the completion of a great run.




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