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Headlines (NOT ours) scream "1,000 dogs ill with canine flu" and "five dogs have died” from “canine influenza outbreak in Chicago." Fact or farce?


April 2015 | TheDogPress.com

TheDogPress Staff


DogsNaturally quotes Dr. Cynda Crawford, a vet at University Of Florida “who led the research team that first identified the canine influenza virus in 2004” and that she and others “share intellectual rights to the canine influenza virus.


In other words, they have a vested interest in urging you to get the canine flu shot for your dog. Noteworthy: Amazon lists several new books on how drug companies manufacture fake press releases on “epidemics” to coincide with new vaccine releases. We released the same info in 1981 BI (before internet) and again in 1999 after internet. Here is instant information on ii Veterinary Vaccine History


So, before you rush your dog to the veterinarian for the Canine Flu Vaccine, take 70 seconds to get facts instead of media hype.  Don't leave this page before you click History Of  Canine Flu below. Merck Animal Health was the first to license the canine flu shot As a subscriber to TheDogPress.com you also remember Merck as the pusher of ii Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine and the Bird Flu and Swine flu vaccines, as covered in Leptomania by Patricia Jordan, DVM.


Dr Margaret Mason, a California veterinarian, noted “It seems to be getting harder to (determine) when a disease is real and when it is being ‘pushed’ by vaccine or drug manufacturers these days.


No kidding! The most respected veterinary authorities say protect your pets with Core Vaccines and skip the plethora of Non-Core Vaccines – those not needed but highly profitable immunizations pushed by the pharmaceutical companies and greedy veterinarians who happily give the shots.


This year's "canine flu outbreak" is just another example of vaccine hype which the media welcomes through manufactured news feeds (ii Media Mishaps In Journalism). Note the studious avoidance of the word “epidemic”. They don’t want to be sued.NOW PLAYING IN VIDEO THEATER....


Before you risk your Best Friend to any non-core vaccine, get the disturbing facts in the History Of Canine Flu.


Also SEE 90-second VIDEO: Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work, CDC Apologizes

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