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DOG FOOD INFORMATION PROVIDED BY TheDogPress.com, America's first digital dog news.Ingredients Information & BARF = Raw/Bones


The net's FIRST canine nutrition information, how to feed real dog FOOD like raw and bones. Also, what are the Ingredients in that bag or can? Is it real food?

Bones & Raw Food = BARF

Yucky sounding name but your dogs will thrive on this natural dog food diet.


Raw Meat Diet

Authoritative first-hand information on an easy pet food regime.


Raw Meat Vs. Cooked

Rosenbaum cautions about BARF but the dogs love it!


Raw Meat Debate

Dog food allergies? Go natural! Not all breeders agree.


Health Begins With Nutrition

Breeder-Judge who makes it work for you.


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Pet Food Ingredients

What risky herbs and nutracueticals do to your dog.


Pet Food Ingredients Defined

Your dog begs you to learn LABEL LINGO and what the ingredients really mean!



Swine Fever - E.Coli

12/18 Before giving raw meat treats to your dog, learn about this 2018 food adulteration and continued risk of e-coli contamination.


Corn and Violent Behavior

Aggressive pooches and people because both ingest GMO corn.


Corn Gluten Meal Ingredient

CGM is EPA-classified as minimum risk pesticide but it's in human and pet foods.


Fiber & Fillers In Foods

can cause problems and increase appetite!


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