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The net's FIRST canine nutrition information, dog food recalls, dangerous waste product fillers, MSG and illegal offshore dog food ingredients in pet food and...

Nutraceutical Disaster

10/19 Explosive examples of failure to protect our pets as in the melamine debacle, jerky treats and these super-secret government research labs.


Smucker Recall

10/18 FDA/Center For Veterinary Medicine's difference between recall-withdrawal on the dog food.


Death Drug In Dog Food

06/18 Pentobarbital in THESE BRANDS killed dogs, causing FDA and CVM to update!


FDA Dog Food Recall Alert

02/18 Again... Information from the Food And Drug Administration re potential Pentobarbital contamination.


*None of the statements contained herein as regards human or animal health have been evaluated by the FDA.  Information is provided for educational purposes only.  The ii NetPlaces Network advises you to always check with a licensed veterinarian or medical doctor.  Information or products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or condition, whether animal or human.  This disclaimer is due to FDA restrictions designed to protect you, the consumer.  It does NOT however, protect you from malpractice, prescription drugs, or vaccines.


Cancerous Beef In Pet Food

New food laws makes our food supply safer?


Euthanasia Dog Food

02/18 Collusion? FDA warning on deadly contamination in this brand, symptoms...


Recalled, Relabeled Pet Food

a multi-billion $ fraud that could kill your pet.


Jerked Around By FDA

deadly jerky treats risk American safety?


Soybeans Wreak Gastric Havoc

A cheap substitute for meat protein, can cause bloat!


Clay Found In Dog Food!

Leads to high levels of poisonous dioxins.


Canned Tuna With Soybean

can cause seizures in pets, check label!


Diamond Lawsuit Details

The settlement sickens dog owners.


Natura Salmonella Recalls

repeated pet food recalls - what to do.


Dairy Industry BGH Cover-up

Dog breeders and parents should know.


Global Nutra Recalls

Dry foods contaminated with Salmonella.


Arsenic In Dog Food

Arsenic in poultry tied to ADD, diabetes...


Melamine In Dog Food

China Testing? Media ignores FDA warnings.


Salmonella In Dog Food

PetSmart recalls contaminated food.


Food Supply Contaminant

Award-winning reporter on poultry processing, imported fish, and more...


Genetically Modified Foods

No FDA labeling for those proven fatal!


2019  http://www.thedogpress.com/dogfood/Recalled-Unfit-Food.asp

2019 Pet Food Recall

The FDA Animal and Veterinary section issued this current product, ophthalmic solution, 2 injections, and pet food list.


**NOTICE 12/06/2018** Dry dog food brands recalled, dogs violently sick due to high amounts of Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for dogs, but high amounts can cause kidney failure or death. DOG FOOD RECALL LIST: Kroger, Nutrisca, Natural Life Pet Products, Elm Pet Foods, Sunshine Mills, ANF inc, Lidl, Ahold Delhaize.


Deadly Drugs In Pet Food

03/17 Harming your best friend is the last thing you intend when feeding him, what to know about (death drug) pentobarbital!


Banned Hormone In Food

Ractopamine additive is banned in 160 countries but winds up on your table!


Counterfeit Pet Food Scandal

Bad disposal decisions and consumer risks.


Euthanasia Drug In Food

02/17 Revealing back-story on criminal fraud, also includes Instant Information.


No More Jerky From China!

Petco & Petsmart promise to pull deadly treats...



Why Fish Meal Is Risky

07/17 Seafood recall! Imported shrimp (injected with toxic gel) and Swai fish may wind up in your dog's food.


Fluoride in Pet Foods

destroys bones and breeding programs.


Scary Non-Recalls

Food industry cover-ups, FDA vs. State over toxin testing.


Dog Food Recall Or Not?

dogs know all about dog food and real canine nutrition!FDA fails to respond, our trust is damaged!


Counterfeit Food Enters USA

under names like Diamond and Optima.


Recall The Pet Food Recall

Sick owners stunned by belated bad news.


Pet Food Recalls: 4 Year List!

Search by brand, company, ingredient or reason!



cause paralysis, respiratory failure, death.


MSG In People & Pet Foods

a known allergen, it's even in baby food!


VEGAN Dog Food From HSUS

It reads like bird seed, a bad choice!


Neuro-Toxins In Dog Food

Does your "natural" dog food contain herbs that can cause seizures, even death?


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