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Death Drug Allowed in Dog Food


ABC news and independent testing revealed pentobarbital in THESE BRANDS had sickened or killed dogs, causing FDA and CVM to update their pages!


June 5, 2018 | TheDogPress.com

Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter


Who to blame? Problems in the dog food chain appear to be caused by bad actions, or lack of actions on the part of the food safety agencies! Recalls started for Evanger’s but then four other dog food brands tested positive for Pentobarbital. List of contaminated foods below but first, see how this happened so you are forewarned next time you buy pet foods.


This set off a firestorm of updating and testing, complete with the dog food recall of 4 brands because the tests indicated a presence of pentobarbital. The FDA/CVM updated their web page on 11/21/2017.


Those "experts" at the Food and Drug Administration/Center for Veterinary Medicine indicated that they believed that their decision in the report of 2002 was correct: that their own testing proved that it was safe to render food animals that had been put to death with pentobarbital and to make those rendered animals available as a dog food ingredient.*Euthanasia (see display below)


The FDA experts said that it would not leave enough of the poison in the food to cause harm to dogs! To intelligent dog owners, that decision seems like a really bad one!


Evanger’s problem stemmed from poisoned meat. This incident was not about rendered ingredients containing a death drug. They cooked a big single piece of meat in the can, claiming that it was human grade beef. Testing later found poison in the meat.


The story given by Evanger’s kept going downhill as the investigation continued. Evanger’s has filed a lawsuit against the company that supplied the meat, which was apparently not beef but horse meat, and it appears to be from animals put down with pentobarbital. See Evangers $20 million lawsuit{1} against the meat supplier.


When ABC News did a laboratory test on many different dog food brands, the findings ultimately gave the FDA/CVM a clue that they had better take some action!


On Feb. 16, 2018, the FDA/CVM changed its stance on the Pentobarbital issue, despite the fact that they had approved a deadly ingredient for use in dog food since 2002 without telling consumers that it was allowed in dog food. They are offering no explanation to consumers for the change/update.


The FDA/CVM pages now state that “any detection of pentobarbital in pet food is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act – simply put, pentobarbital should not be in pet food”. Find the new pentobarbitol statement.{2}


While we would hope that veterinarians at the FDA/CVM actually know the FFDCA (or FD&C Act) and understand it, we must question why they added pentobarbital to the diets of some poor test dogs to see if small amounts did them harm. Why would they make a decision that contradicts the law for which their agency exists?


Did CVM vets know the laws as they should have? Or, were they making decisions based on outside influences, which could include a wide range of people without reasons to care about the health of your dog. There should be an investigation to determine what laws were broken and who did the breaking!


Apparently, the FDA/CVM group has gone looking for pentobarbital in dog food recently, and it appears that they knew where to start as evidenced by this announcement:

FDA Alerts Pet Owners About Potential Pentobarbital Contamination in Canned Dog Food Manufactured by The J.M. Smucker Company, Including Certain Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Ol’ Roy, and Skippy Products.{3}


Evanger’s problems may have stemmed from some criminal activity but no matter how you cut it, the FDA/CVM must take credit for allowing the pentobarbital-tainted rendered animals in the J. M. Smucker’s brands and we have no way of knowing how many other brands!


So, readers should not feel guilty if collusion comes to mind once again! Or, if all of this makes them really angry!! This is America and we have a right to know what is in any product that is in the human OR pet food chain!


Reference and Related Articles:  {1} Evanger's $20 Million Lawsuit   {2} FDA/CVM Event   {3} List of Recalled Food   ~   FDA Statement


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