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AKC's Statement regarding the Inspection report on Ms. Lin Allen (AKA Hackney) and Bleu Moon Australian Cattle Dogs.


Courtesy Canine Chronicle | AKC hastened to send it to Canine Chronicle


On Sunday, September 28th, AKC received a complaint regarding Ms. Lin Allen (AKA Hackney) and the care of dogs being kept in completely unacceptable conditions at her property. An immediate inspection was scheduled. Two days later, the AKC Executive Field Agent found the location vacant with no visible sign of dogs. A second unsuccessful attempt was made the very next day. Ms. Allen was finally reached that evening and an inspection was scheduled at her new address for the following morning.


On October 2nd, the AKC inspector was met by an officer of the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office, which had also received a complaint regarding dogs being housed at a vacant location. The kennel was found to be in compliance by both the AKC inspector and the police officer, who also determined not to take action, later stating to AKC that the kennel was clean and no dogs exhibited thinness or physical ailment. At the time, 43 dogs and 14 puppies were present.


On October 10th, local law enforcement revisited the kennel due to zoning violations and at that time, seized the Allens’ dogs and charged them with animal cruelty. Law enforcement determined the kennel had not been cleaned since after the October 2nd inspection. AKC was made aware on October 13th and, pursuant to our policy, the Allens’ privileges were immediately placed on referral and Ms. Allen’s BOM status was revoked.


We are grateful for the fast action of the Pearl River County Sheriff’s office in discovering and addressing this unacceptable and quickly-deteriorating situation, and we appreciate the collaboration of local law enforcement across the country that ensure dogs are happy, healthy and loved.


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