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TheDogPress Editorials explore the intrigue inherent in the "Dog Fancy" but with hard facts instead of gossip.  The commentary is arranged in chronological order, oldest first.


AKC & Hunte Meeting (9/11) World's Biggest Registry & Puppy Mill.

McDaniels - Martin Cases AKC's sickening failure to suspend.

Two Against One increases the odds and connects the dots.

HVBC (Puppy Mills) from the High Volume Breeders Committee.

FDA's Fancy Fraud looks at Adverse Reactions and the REAL drug war.

Dietary Supplements? If you use them, settle in for a short read.

AKC 2005 Elections Mission Statement #1 jeopardized and ignored.

AKC Joins HSUS on PAWS  The ultimate AKC treachery.

Paws & Laws PETA, HSUS take in $millions; sniff out the money trail.

The Medusa Factor A plea for warriors to lop off the snakes.

Santorum's Wrong Horse AKC, HSUS thought they had a sure winner but ...

PAWS Exemption AKC wants to be the USDA Inspection service...

Judge Approval Criteria favors handlers over breeders? Director Of Judging...

Judge Approval: Gaeta a second exclusive interview with Mr. Peter Gaeta.

NAIS - Tying The Knot AKC, USDA, Digital Angel, PAWS, Santorum, etc.

Stop A Tank Judges see the gun turret swing 180 degrees, will they fire back?

Judges Judging Nature responsibility to the domestic dog or its Goodbye!

AA Legislation Anti-American, anti-animal, plain and simple.

Boulton Fireworks how clever PR turns into a dud on a short fuse.

Sold Out By AKC to Petland pet shops; Seat belts on, you're taken for a ride.

Your Future In Dogs dares to address a painful truth ...

Devolving Purebred Dogs why breed standards "change".

Dog Owners War Games seen chronologically, it all makes sense.

CA Anti-Pet Bill Pulled. how cat people successfully worked a different angle.

Animal Rights Terrorists, why ELF & ALF top FBI's domestic terrorist list!

AKC Designer Dogs, Mixed Breeds speculates on registration of mongrels.

Dog Owner Freedom where breeders are today as compared to 2004/2005.

AKC Registers Non-Registered Dogs unfathomable plan for pet shops.

Registering Unregistered Dogs AKC has "no comment" .

HSUS vs. AKC Comparison facts, $figures and more revealed!

AKC Economics & Wall Street our 70$ million dollar dog registry.

Mixed Breeds In AKC's Future? new "Register Anything" service & Petlandl...

Dog Deformities & AR things are moving fast in England and it is coming here.

OBAMA, McCAIN, HSUS, PETA, AR forces and campaign contributions.

New Age Dog Shows  Still a hobby for the average family or breeder?

HSUS 2009 Offensive Home invaded, searched, dogs & bank records seized.

April Fool Co-Owners! AKC registrations do not honor Co-own or ...

AKC Governance The First 100 Days define the dog fancy’s future.

Cropping, Docking Ban AKC & Breed Clubs roll over, giving AR a victory.

AKC Rule Against Alteration - Should it be enforced or rescinded?

Cass Sunstein, AR Advocate, Regulatory Czar has power to implement...

AKC Isn't The Calvary and Animal Rights Legislation isn’t a movie.

AR Terrorists Lose Appeal Federal Court redefines them as terrorists.

$8 Million Lawsuit Against AKC and Toy Fox Terrier Club presidents...

Dog Breeders Told By AKC; we need puppy mills to fight legislation and fill demand.

Attacked Over Animal Rights Editor defends AKC, cites position.

Maligned By The Minion libelous comments escape the Delegates list.

Point Scales, Measuring, Salas Charged and more musings.

2-Show Dog Shows petition to preserve AKC & owner handlers. BLOG

AKC's Record On Judging Fees where judge's assoc. don't stand...

Mary Wild Not Suspended but AKC promptly suspends this judge for LIFE!

Bloodless Animal Mutilations secrete government study?

AKC says Judges Can Solicit Assignments but debate continues.

Plum Island Lyme Disease It’s not Lyme vaccine you should worry about.

2011 AKC Election... AKC cannot survive in its present form.

Blackbirds, Monsters and Animal Suicides? HAARP or Black Ops behind GLOBAL animal deaths...

AKC Board Elections have pundits pounding on Delegates & Bylaws.

Backbone Gone? Breeders are the backbone of all dog clubs but...

Does AKC Support You? It supported Santorum's PAWS, will it support Perry's HB1451

New AKC Judge Approval Process Delegates “sole power” over rules governing dog shows...

Senator Moran On USDA-HSUS APHIS opened the door tothe beginning of the end - See Video!

New Groups - New Breeds, TheDogPress Editor praises AKC for a job well done.

AKC Milestone Election 2012 With a shaky future in the sport, what's the new Board doing?

Circus Elephants Fight Back! PETA, HSUS, SPCA sued the Circus. Circus countersues!

New Virulent Distemper Strain Hoax Rush your dogs to the vet for a new distemper vaccine...

United Dog Breeders vs. Animal Rights - Get your TUBA and your sight back in 2012!

Medical Microchip will livestock GPS, morph into people-tracking through medical microchips?

Extinct Show Dog Breeders. The HSUS campaign to adopt shelter dogs is castrating breeders.

AKC News & Comments, AKC vs HSUS Income, secret puppy mill deals, kudos, Candidates, etc.

Vibrations In The Dog Fancy. Animals communicate on a different frequency.

Shelter Games, see the business end of such entities.

HAARP Plays Global Death, blamed for incalculable animal and human deaths.

AKC Peddling Privacy by selling the value of purebred dogs.

Suicide, Murder, Dogs Seized - NC breeder tortured after Sheriff/Humane Society seize family’s pet.

APHIS/USDA/AKC Collusion, The more we're bombarded with "facts", the less we can see the truth.

APHIS; Who is Sarah Conant? An avowed Animal Rights advocate, former HSUS litigation attorney...

Aphis, AKC and Your Rights - The regulation achieved by $millions in political payoffs.

Animal Shelter Marketing - Put hobby breeders out of business, using your tax $$$, and more.

USDA/HSUS/APHIS Collusion Who will inspect YOU? The door is open, can/will AKC protect breeders?

John McCartney Arrested, Pro handler, retired AKC Field Rep, in Sarasota jail for multiple counts of...

The Dark Side: McCartney and More Exposing dog handler John McCartney's criminal molestation.

Health Deformities in Purebred Dogs 4-part series guaranteed to ruin your day.

Animal Shelter Fraud, Financial charts reveal a gold mine of potential donation scams!

2-Shows Per Day Background Reducing expenses more opportunities to win.

AKC Inspection Debacle! Excruciating case of animal cruelty and neglect within days of AKC Inspection.

Time Warped Dog Shows When handlers showed for breeders who stuck to the standard.

Judges Judging Nature - Your COMMENTS how dog show judges have endangered the future of pedigreed breeds.

AR Terrorists Unmasked - In 2005 we warned that PETA, HSUS, were political terrorists but now... Update!

AR Activists Attack Animals - Using terrorist tactics to raise money, strip human rights and destroying animals.

What Is A Breeder? 1989, it's all over the internet because we need a gentle, prideful reminder to keep good breeders on track and focused - legal reprints provided by author Barbara Andrews and NetPlaces Network.

Power Of The Pen Animal lovers don't understand attorneys who defend handlers or judges accused of putting money before duty and the public image of dog shows.

What Is Freedom Of The Press 2005 - 2016 enough party line and sour grapes to start a whinery.

The AKC Corporation and Stockholders - Accountability is non-existent for invested "stockholders".

Circus Killed By Animal Rights - How we will miss them, the circus acts that have thrilled us for over 145 years.


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