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Was the President's Congressional address seen as a rejection subversive politics and un-Constitutional political correctness that has diminished us as animal owners?


February 2017 | TheDogPress.com

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


Our new president gave a smashing Congressional Address with record-setting standing ovations but will his optimistic agenda trickle down into state and local laws? Over a decade of political correctness has diminished us but animal owners are hopeful again. Local and state legislators are coming up for election and you've learned you have tremendous power at the voting booth.


Democrat or Republican, we need to flex our biceps because animal rights zealots have challenged everything Americans believe in, beginning with our freedom to own animals as protected by our Constitutional Rights.  Make no mistake.  Anti-animal is Anti-America.  It may go by some other name such as "animal rights" but it is powered by the home invaders known as animal control. 


The subversive laws first began to erode your Civil and Constitutional Rights two decades ago.  You were too busy to notice that your kids were taught to disrespect your family values by PETA-supplied teaching materials.  There were other signals but you had a litter to plan, dog shows to enter, and your job and family to worry about.  That pretty well filled your plate and you pushed "bad news" to the back burner.  Even as your awareness grew along with invasive legislation, you left it to others to defend your liberty.


Think about the inherent rights you gave up.  It will be a long list.  Let's take just one example.  Smoking. Our ancestors smoked for a centuries.  They did not die of lung cancer - that is a 20th century disease. 100 years ago tobacco was clean, a religious and ceremonial tool used around the world.


Today we acknowledge the chemicals and addictive substances in tobacco but it is a good example of intrusive legislation that usurps our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Laws were passed forbidding you to smoke in public because other people have the right to not be offended by your smoke.  But then legislative power went crazy!


If you lived next to a non-smoker in Florida you couldn't light up inside your own home!  Yeah, they actually passed that law.  Not only that, our legislators were so drunk on power that they decided you should pay more for a pack of cigarettes than an alcoholic pays for a bottle of wine!  Not only that, he can drink in public which can be a lot more offensive than a puff of smoke!  Think about this: you could be arrested for lighting a cigarette in public but drinking, distracted, he can run over your dog ... no law broken unless he was actually drunk.  And no law gives you the right to sue him for killing your dog.


Here's an interesting fact for pot smokers or those who remember when Coke contained cocaine {1}.  Over 300,000 deaths per year from prescription drugs {2 } far exceeds those who die from "illegal" (non-taxed, non-regulated, non-doctor dispensed) drugs.  But who's reporting that?


While you're mulling over the loss of your Constitutional Right to bear arms to protect your family from an oppressive government that can't protect you, think about how personally insulting legislative regulations have become.


My new car insists on locking me in and the windows won't roll all the way down! I don't have kids and when I did have small children, I never lost one out the window!  I can't open a pill bottle with these old hands but I've never known anyone who's kid got sick from eating aspirin!


Now "they" are passing legislation forcing you to castrate your stud dog or shell over the big $$$ to keep him whole.  The show bitch you raised from a promising whelp to become the future of your bloodline has to be spayed - or else. 


This is not "dangerous dog legislation" we're talking about.  It is your Cocker, your Newfie, or your toy Poodle.  The dog license is just one of the yearly bribes you, the responsible dog owner pay to your county because they say other people let their dogs run loose.  Sobering thought. Why not fine the offender, not gouge the innocent? This is America?  Land of the Free and the Brave?  It isn't a license fee, its legislative extortion.


You get the point.  You can no longer have an intact dog behind the expensive fencing you installed because you are a responsible owner.  You live in a penthouse with a toy dog that uses pee pee pads? Doesn't matter, they will know you have him, microchips and veterinary records are a dead giveaway....  So pay the surgical fee or pay off the racketeers, i.e. politicians.


Was the legislative mania of the last decade one more step in a concerted, well organized plan to destroy all that Americans hold dear. Who knows?  You might wonder how a once obscure group calling itself "People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals" known as PETA took control of a big part of your life.  Ask yourself, where did PETA get millions of start up funding with which to send out those solicitations?  What about ALF and ELF?   Good questions but what matters is that you recognize the threat and rise up to defeat it.


Our forefathers left Europe because of oppression.  They came to a new land and carved out a place to call home.  They dumped tea in Boston Harbor to symbolize freedom from unfair taxation.  For over a century, our soldiers have given their lives to protect the hallmark of American beliefs - freedom from oppression and unfair taxation.


Looks like the Tea Party is over.


Think about how far we've come - and where we're at today.


Freedom from illegal search and seizure?  Sure.  Tell it to dog owners when Animal Control demands entry!


We protected our homes from "red-skinned savages" and now we have to open the door to anyone with an "inspector" badge.


We stood up to the King Of England.  Now we bow down to a dog warden.


We bravely wrote a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution.  Now we are afraid to invoke those Rights.


Brave men died so we could remain Americans but then who remembers the Alamo?


We are way too civilized now.  We "talk out" our problems.  We "come together" and by committee, we hand over our rights.  Where once we elected Leaders to represent us, we now send political lackeys out to collect bribes and perks and we're so used to it, we shrug off the latest scandal on nightly news.  Or do we?


A decade ago a NY Assemblywoman introduced legislation forbidding you to crop or dock your dog.  If I were to do my own tails (it would take one minute per pup, no stressful trip to the vet for mom, and the pups would be back to sleep before they could be put back on the nipple) I'd probably be fined a grand per pup instead of the $500 per violation that publicity-seeking twit wanted!


We are Americans!  We come from fighting stock and we have seen the enemy.  Black, white, red, and yellow; we are mad Americans and we ain't gonna take it any more.  Democrat, Republican, Independent, it does not matter.  We are going to fight for the few rights we have left.  One of those is the inherent right to breed quality canines instead of being forced to buy defective dogs from pet shops and puppy mills.


Our forefathers brought their dreams and their pets to America.  Sixty-five percent of U.S. households own one or more pets.(2015-2016 National Pet Owners Survey). Dog owners hold the legislative power and we must use it to defeat every politician who tries to take away our God-given right to own dogs!


There's a new kid on the block.  President Trump isn't a dog owner but he sounds ready to protect our freedom to be American!  State and Federal legislators will be up for election.  Make your vote count!


Ref {1} When Coke Contained Cocaine   Ref {2} Adverse DogMeds Reactions

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