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Show and hobby breeders generously shared how to preserve the breed standards, protect the health and welfare of dogs, and promote the well-bred purebred.


May 2017 Update from Mar 2015 | TheDogPress

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


Show and hobby breeders preserve the breed standards, protect the health and welfare of dogs, and are the backbone support for all dog clubs.First, A Short Dog Show History For New Breeders:

Dog shows and dog breeding were once a gentleman’s sport. The men stood ramrod proud as their new birding dog was shown off by the kennel manager.  The ladies paraded in high fashion, accessorized by a purebred dog and it was more than corsets that kept their back rigidly strong.


As America recovered from two wars, the sport of dogs attracted commoners with working class dogs which included herding and flock guardians, hounds that treed and trailed, and police and military dogs. Suddenly the “Devil Dog” of the Marine Corps or a Lassie dog were within reach of the average family. The Upper Crust kept a stiff upper lip as the public invaded the dog show scene. The new generation dog lovers were affable, outgoing. Those who were a little put off by the stuffiness of it all found their niche in the new sport of Obedience.


“AKC Registered” Became The Epitome Of Dog Ownership

One had bragging rights if they had “papers” but even without an AKC registration certificate, a purebred dog had value and the owner achieved a certain degree of status simply by owning such a dog. It was a sign of good taste which somehow reflected on the human’s pedigree.


Demand for purebred dogs was so great that Sears Roebuck sold puppies on premises. AKC became a multi-million dollar corporation because for the first time in history, anyone could own an “AKC registered dog.” Life was good. The most popular breeds from the late 50s to the mid-70s were Collies, German Shepherds, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and Chihuahuas.


By the early 80s sportsmen were looking at Labs, Goldens and intriguing new breeds like the Grey Ghost, reputed to be uniquely suited for both fur and feather.  If you had children, a shop to be protected, or aspired to become a hunter, you chose a purebred dog.  “Humane Society” had not yet become a curse word and shelters were still called “dog pounds.” You could own a Rottie and Pit Bulls weren’t on the Most Wanted list.


Federal Funding For Commercial Breeding Changed Everything

Show and hobby breeders preserve the breed standards, protect the health and welfare of dogs, and are the backbone support for all dog clubs.By the 90s, big bucks gained control of the sport. Government funded puppy farms that had once provided income for disabled vets were swallowed up by the Hunte Corporation, which by the way, also collected over $12 million in federal funding.  AKC and Andrew Hunte had secret meetings and AKC board members attended puppy mill auctions. AKC renamed puppy mills as High Volume Breeders.


Hobby breeders were out-produced and vastly outnumbered by commercial puppy farms and the result was that we were no longer AKC’s “Cash Cow”.  Puppy mill mix-ups resulted in Peekapoos and Cockapoos.  No problem, Designer Dogs were cleverly marketed to a gullible public. Whereas dog breeders, like other stockmen, had once taken pride in a long “line” of practical characteristics for herding and hunting, pedigrees became secondary to cuteness and salability.


As the Millennium ticked over, AKC instituted the Frequently Used Sires program, the puppy mills deserted, AKC pursued, PETA and HSUS took control of family choices for a dog.  For many hobby and show breeders, the last straw was the animal rights movement which promoted shelter adoptions.


Fast forward to zoning regulations, license fees, and land costs which signal the end of all but the wealthy fanciers or the commercial puppy mills.  Adding insult to injury, AKC actually postulated that puppy mills were necessary because we hobby breeders could no longer meet public demand. That damming insult put many breeders into terminal osteoporosis.  Backbone gone.


The kitchen breeder caved in to a sport that rivals horse racing for big money backers and investors.  The difference is that there's a finish line payoff for horse breeders.


UNIMPEDED by the American Kennel Club, PETA and HSUS tightened the screws.  Hobby dog breeders began to crumble.  Instead of a family tradition or lifetime endeavor, most decided to leave the Sport of Dogs to the wealthy socialites who first formed it. Hobby breeders can’t afford legal battles, can’t fight local Animal Control permeated by HSUS moles, and any viable breeding program is zoned, taxed, regulated or legislated out of existence. Without pet insurance, another of AKC’s hugely profitable side deals, small breeders can’t afford the vet bills.


Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-ChiefNo Demand For Well Bred Purebred Dogs!

And on top of all that, there's no puppy sales! How are show breeders to produce the next generation of healthy, true-to-the-standard, predictable purebreds if they have no market for our pet puppies?


Do we take the American Kennel Club to task for deserting show and hobby breeders - the foundation upon which it was built?  Is there anything we can do to counter the Animal Shelter campaign that makes people want to “save a life” by adopting someone else’s reject instead of buying a healthy, socialized, gorgeous purebred from a breeder?  How can we overcome the image HSUS projects of genetically defective purebred dogs?


AKC absolutely refuses to market the concept of well-bred purebreds.  Years of AKC tax returns fail to reveal one penny spent on promoting its core reason for existence.


Here are some of the previous responses to this article. So is there any good news? Perhaps.  It's your turn to comment below.


Joe : Government funded puppy farms that had once provided income for disabled vets were swallowed up by the Hunte Corporation, which by the way, also collected over $12 million in federal funding. AKC and Andrew Hunte had secret meetings and AKC board members attended puppy mill auctions. AKC renamed puppy mills as High Volume Breeders. Written like a professional AR trying to create hate and discontent across the board. I know the solution to this is to attack our fellow breeders with self-serving idiotic garbage like this.. I will say it again this is a garbage. The AKC did not abandon the Fancy, they did not move over to the Commercial side most commercial breeders "fired" them.

     The AKC is wrong with their politics, wrong with internal management and wrong for today's modern dog lover. We suspect they had been infiltrated by the Animal Rights people long ago. Perhaps the very best thing would be for all of the Show Supers to create a Dog Show organization.  Get rid of the AKC, open up the shows come one come all and end this painful dance of death for the AKC once and for all.

     I think we can all agree we love to show the dogs and compete with well bred healthy happy dogs doing what they were bred to do. We individually love our breed,  that my friends will not change.

     But do we need to all sit around like a bunch of wall flowers at a junior high dance hoping someone will ask us to dance.. (For you youngsters, there was a time when people were raised with manners, went to polite dances and painfully waited until someone asked someone to dance, torture) We need to collectively step out onto the dance floor and participate with the process. Stop pointing out the warts and collectively participate. Someone must be in charge. There must be a goal and above all we must individually agree to support the industry of dogs, no matter how small or how large. Being splintered groups looking to a false leader pointing fingers at each other. Well folks I think we all have come to learn this brutal fact. Divided we fall.


Lab Breeder :  I think this article is complete nonsense. It does nothing but play right into the radical animal rights hands. Bash the AKC, bash the commercial breeder, bash anyone who doesn't keep a small, hobby kennel. We can't keep doing this. We can't keep trying to divide ourselves. Appeasing the AR and trying to separate ourselves as better than any other breeder is all an attempt to keep feeding the crocodile so that he'll eat us last. The AKC is having problems right now, no doubt about it. We need to step up and help, not bash. The past is the past, we must learn from it and move forward. Where are your suggestions? Same with the HUGE threat of AR. This is our enemy, not commercial breeders or other types of breeders. We must recognize them as the major threat that they are and recognize the tactics that they use in order to be able to counteract them and turn the tables. The AKC is trying to counteract the damage by the AR, but they keep hiring marketing people who have NO dog experience, NO experience in dealing with AR. Despite your claims though, they have been putting out videos trying to dispel myths about breeders, writing blogs, setting up a FB page, etc. These, for the most part have been fairly ineffective as they aren't very informational and lack expert knowledge. We need stronger PR plain and simple. But again, we need to realize how the AR works and understand they have a lot more experience than we do in this field. After all, most of us just want to breed dogs right? And rightly so, AKC for the most part is a just a registry to keep track of our dogs' pedigrees, events and titles. They weren't equipped to fight a force that seeks our demise. So how does AR work? If you've ever read Alinsky's Rules For Radical, this is their bible. The first thing they do is to vilify and demonize their opponent, *US* and turn public opinion against us. First they went after the easy target of the commercial breeders. Showing photos of substandard breeders.

    The showing of the photos of substandard breeders and coining that derogatory breeder hate slur that they now use to describe ALL breeders regardless of quality or quantity. The commercial breeders aligned, formed their own professional groups, attend seminars, built state of the art facilities, comply with the USDA rules and grew stronger than ever. The AR recognizing they were not as easy as they thought turned their sights on the AKC and show breeders. In the UK, Pedigreed Dogs Exposed, a purely AR propaganda video damaged the breeders over there, instituted more stringent breeding rules and have many breeders walking on egg shells. The debacle at Crufts a few years ago when dogs were DQ'd by AR leaning vets after having proper clearances by specialist and then this year over the "tail gate" is a prime example. Thankfully it wasn't as damaging here, but blogs pop up over the "abuse" and "cruelty" that happen during Westminster and of course the HSUS is on an all out attack against the AKC. The Good Morning America and other talk shows are just more vilification of not only the AKC, but also our sport and our dogs. This is the first part, the vilification and demonizing of the show breeder. Heck, we're easy pickings since we are so busy fighting with each other, right? The second part is passing of legislation to heavily restrict and over regulate ALL breeders. The HSUS brags about passing 1000 new laws aimed at dog breeders. The biggest win so far has been infiltrating the USDA and getting the APHIS rules passed. How many of us used to ship a puppy now and then? How many of us have more than 4 breeding bitches? The rules were being passed off as bringing in those internet sellers, using that "term". If you have more than 4 breedable females (can be other species too) and you ship puppies, you are now required to be under USDA jurisdiction and must comply with their rules, thus making you a commercial breeder. But it doesn't stop there. It won't stop there.

    After the APHIS rules were defined, we hobby breeders are classified as Pet Stores. City after City are now banning Pet Stores from selling purebred puppies from licensed, inspected and regulated sources in favor of selling shelter dogs. These dogs come from unknown backgrounds, unknown breed/health and unknown sources. Further, "rescue" groups are importing dogs from third world countries by the hundreds of thousands and bringing in all sorts of diseases. Public opinion has certainly been turned on where to get their next dog from. Adopt don't shop, buy one kill one are common phrases used to guilt people into getting a shelter dog. These arguments are purely based off emotion as are nearly every argument by the AR. What we need are solid facts and statistics. They are out there and easy to find if you look. We need to arm ourselves with these and share them when ever and where ever. As for demand for purebred puppies, I am not sure about your breed, but with my breed, I have had more puppy inquiries recently than ever before. I don't advertise my kennel, but do have a website for people to visit my dogs. I don't breed enough, my friends aren't breeding enough. But demand is there. If I could, I would breed more. If I made money doing it, I would not feel the least bit of shame. We get hung up on making money and who makes the most of it. We do live in the US and it is a Capitalistic society. Just because you make money, does not mean you cut corners. Why is it such a taboo topic? I love raising dogs. I'd love to make money doing it. I understand it. Veterinarians understand it, handlers understand it, trainers understand it, dog food/supply companies understand it. Why can't a breeder? And I can guarantee that the vast majority of commercial and other breeders love their dogs and are just as passionate about them as we are. If we are to continue, we can't keep divided.

     We need to stop judging each other and stop perpetuating old stereotypes. We need to recognize the tactics of the AR and counter act them and even steal a few plays from them (vilify and demonize them--some groups are actually doing this now). It's time to be proactive and go on the offense. Stop the bashing and instead offer suggestions. The AKC is trying, but they need to listen and we need to talk!


Elizabeth Brinkley : All the hobby breeders in this country cannot produce enough puppies to meet the demands of the American market. Recent changes in laws are NOT stopping substandard kennels from continuing. It is closing down reputable breeders who work very hard to produce healthy purebred puppies by making it more difficult and expensive for them to continue in their HOBBY.

     BREEDERS are NOT responsible for the presence of dogs in shelters. "Producing" dogs due to failure to be a responsible owner and "breeding" dogs are not the same. We have a problem with a lack of responsible ownership, poor shelter management and poor pet distribution. Education is the key to improvement in this area. The American Kennel Club is a REGISTRY. They have no police powers to regulate kennels. All they can do is withhold registration. The Humane Society of the United States owns and operates NO shelters, has NO police powers and is not part of the federal government. They are a political lobbying organization opposed to ALL breeding of animals.

     It has been PROVEN there is NO PET OVERPOPULATION. Since 2005 the birthrate for puppies has not been meeting the demand. Many rare breeds are declining to the point of extinction due to anti-breeder laws. According to the USDA more than 300,000 dogs were imported in 2013 from foreign countries by SHELTERS. If the current rate of laws and decline continue within 20 years your only source for a puppy may be a shelter mutt from Mexico, China or Puerto Rico with possible behavioral issues and NO health testing. Even HSUS admits that 83 percent of owned dogs are spayed or neutered.

     There are three main types of breeders: Commercial, Pet and Hobby/show breeders. Every one of these can be a large-scale breeder, every one of these could be a substandard breeder. Commercial kennels are subject to state and/or federal oversight. Substandard care can be found with all types of breeders. It is about the standard of care, NOT the numbers. Most commercial breeders have state of the art kennels that meet USDA standards and the standards of their state laws. They are inspected at least yearly and must meet or exceed 143 pages of stringent standards far higher than those expected of the average hobby breeder. They are NOT those horrible chicken cages shown on the deceptive commercials of HSUS and ASPCA.

     Sick puppies do not sell. Sick females do not conceive and produce puppies. Sick males do not produce sperm and sire puppies. It is counterproductive for any industry to produce a defective product and expect to stay in business. For every sick puppy found at a pet store, THOUSANDS of perfectly healthy puppies are sold. Any dog can have health issues. Its about Mother Nature NOT lack of care or numbers. 10) A shelter dog is NOT for every family. Shelter dogs come with baggage that can require an EXPERIENCED owner. Shelter dogs have NO health testing and frequently have behavioral issues that take years of training to overcome. Health care and training for a shelter dog can cost THOUSANDS of dollars and still not result in a quality pet. Obtaining a dog should be a time for rational decision making--not an excuse for moral preening. If 'adopting' a shelter dog makes you feel 'better about yourself', you don't need a dog. You need a therapist. You are more likely to purchase a dog with health or behavioral issues from a shelter than a pet store. Many shelters no longer have young animals to sell and have to import them from other states and even FOREIGN COUNTRIES. For more information:,,,


Today, in 2017, you have a voice. Is there a club or group of real dog fanciers ready to stand up for show and hobby breeders? Tell over 24,400 subscribers where you think we are today and what dog breeders can do to recover our pride and restore the value of a well-bred purebred dog.


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