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Bad vibes, protest marches, something we sense in 2016, like terminal threats to the rights of show and hobby dog breeders.


October 2016 update from April 2015

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor In Chief


Dogs and elephants feel vibrations that AKC breeders must heedWe're all caught up in the upcoming elections because we feel uneasy.  We're not sure what it is but something is not quite right.


When the Indonesian tsunami swept people away in 2004, most animals had already followed the work elephants up the mountain. We call it “instinct” but UGA professor-SAAB member Dr. Richard Fayer-Hoskins, {1} is one of the world’s foremost authorities on pachyderms.  He explained that elephants left well ahead of the killer wave because they are ultra-sensitive to low frequency sounds and “hear” through their feet. 


But it may have been more than vibrations. Dogs use other "frequencies" to communicate. You know that. You’re reading a book and distracted, you look up. Your dog is sitting quietly, watching you. “Okay, okay” you say and you get up to let her out. She could have wanted a cookie, or water, or her bed, but no, without thinking about it, you knew she wanted to go out.


Animals communicate on a different frequency and savvy dog owners learn from the natural world.  In so doing, we must admit that as a highly evolved species, our natural senses are dulled. We rarely perceive vibrations or energy frequency, as proven by Royal Rife Technology, Dr. Hulda Clark, and other medical science pioneers. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


When I wrote this for ShowSight magazine a few years ago, North Korea was vibrating with nuclear tests and today they have nuclear capability and shook their fist at us with a cyber attack on Sony.  Incredibly, our leaders debate allowing Iran to continue to develop nuclear technology.  We should be led by an elephant!  Back in 2013 our neighbors were quietly stocking supplies (and more) and religious leaders were preparing for great upheaval.


Today thousands take to the streets in protest after protest and during a national news interview in early March of 2015, a prominent NC Congress man said it would be wise to have a safe room and stockpile prescriptions, first aid supplies, infant formula and food.  To that we would add dog meds and dog food.  Now, as 2016 draws down, we are as uneasy about the future and even about going to the local shopping mall.


OK, so our focus is on our dogs, the next litter, the next dog show but use a little elephant sense and take a look at the dog game!  Seriously, we are but a microcosm of the world around us. Show entries are lower than they have been in decades. Handlers are feeling the crunch, magazine ads are shrinking, and breeders are sitting on litters planned years ago, before they realized how much the economy would impact dog sales.  There was momentary excitement among the elite during the 2013 AKC Board election but it had no effect on animal “rights” legislation.


If some of our Delegates felt the dog world sensed a negative energy flow, they shrugged it off.  After all, they are not elephants nor as serious in the game as Michael Jordan...


Hold on, just stop, stand quietly, and you can feel the vibrations. I don’t know about Yoga, Meditation, or stuff like that but my Comanche grandmother’s blood runs strong in my veins. On the rare occasions when I am still, it’s amazing what I perceive. You should try it some time, like right now… that’s right; you can read and still free up your mind. It’s tricky but you can do it.


We dog people relate legislation to our right to own and breed purebred dogs and the sensitive among us are beginning to feel bad vibes. If we look around, we see the strong among us heading for higher ground. A metaphorical analogy of course…


Butt heads with animal rights politics that can destroy your Constitution Rights as dog owners.But here's the deal.  If we were as smart as a buffalo herd, we would begin to close ranks and move tail to tail, presenting an impenetrable wall of hard heads. Pun intended.


Go ahead, raise your eyebrows. You may be the one who ignored the rumbling, didn’t feel the vibrations and basked on the beach as the tsunami rolled in. You sit there, reading this but thinking "What does this have to do with me or my dogs?"


Maybe I’m drinking something besides coffee this morning and there is really nothing to worry about.  No radical anti-animal legislators out there. No melting of the Ivory Tower in NYC. No rumbling in Raleigh. The dog fancy hasn't shifted from helping newcomers found a breeding program to demanding “Spay and Neuter” on everything we sell. No wonder registrations are down! We applaud the advancement of performance shows, not feeling the little quavers surrounding the conformation rings.


Coffee be damned! I’m dreaming. I saw my grandmother smile, gather her robes and move to higher ground.


Feel the vibrations, join with friends, and work together to protect our sport before we’re swallowed in a sinkhole of apathy. Get involved with your local kennel club, your legislative group and local politicians, but above all, demand that the American Kennel Club, return to its values and Mission Statement!  Oh, I forgot, they changed the Mission Statement three years ago and no one noticed.  Today's AKC is more about selling its name, products, and core values than about purebred dogs.


Barbara J Andrews, Editor-In-ChiefI don’t know about you but I’m feeling the rumble.  TheNetPlaces Network has told you about vibrations from HARP's EMF and the energy from Magnetic Fields And Ley Lines.  Well the winds are changing. There's something not quite right.  We felt it last year, realized subversive animal rights legislation was being kind'a quiet. Maybe it's the elections?  Yes, we'll get to that too and we need your support because 2016 could be the beginning of the end.


There was no one to fight for the buffalo.  Look what happened to them... In the blink of an eye they were just hides and horns.  Purebred dogs next?


Ref {1} Professor Fayher-Hoskins, TheDogPlace Science Board

1541610 http://www.thedogpress.com/vibrations-in-the-dog-fancy-154.asp


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