Keep Fleas Off!


A Pesticide-Free Method for Cats, Dogs, and Small Furry Friends!


Second Edition!

by N.B. Liqourman


includes new features such as:


-  Tips for Bathing that cat! (also works for dogs and other furry pets.)

-  Understanding and eliminating those pesky ear mites.


The fabulous photo below is a cat with no fleas, a real cat that lives in Florida where the flea population is second to none!  Howie lives in an earth-friendly environment that is free from chemicals and pesticides - and he has no fleas! Adopted from an animal shelter as an 8-week old kitten, he is now past 13.  Howie has never been given pet meds. (Pet meds is an industry term for chemicals given orally to dogs and cats in order that their blood stream will deliver the chemicals to the fleas.  There are different pet meds for dogs and for cats, and for different aged animals.)  This precious animal has never been exposed to pesticides meant to kill fleas, or to chemicals intended to control the vast population of cat fleas and dog fleas.  No pesticides or chemicals are ever used in the environment of this pet.  He is a healthy, happy cat living in a two-cat household in a neighborhood with many dogs and cats, several of which are allowed to roam. He spends a lot of time on a screened porch which is no match for fleas smaller than the screen openings.  He walks on a leash in a yard in a very close residential area.  Yet he does not get fleas!  Why?  Because his owner knows how to care for this pet!


No pet meds


No Flea Collars


No Flea powders


No Fleas Dips

Picture of Howie, a flea-free cat!


No Fleas Soaps


No Fleas Shampoos


No Flea Sprays


No Pesticides

This booklet can make your cat or dog "invisible to fleas" and is an educational treatise on natural control and environment that will be of value to all who heed the information and apply it to other facets of their life.


Do you know the dangers of pesticides to you and your family?  Do you know the dangers of pesticides to your pet? (You'll find it all on the web.  There are many horror stories about pesticides, including many pesticides used in the pet industry!)  Do you feel good about using such products?  Remember, if your pet (especially cat) licks itself, it ingests any chemicals, oils, sprays, powders, or residues from pesticides that its tongue comes in contact with; and of course, these same toxic chemicals and pesticides can be transferred to your carpets, your kids, your other pets, etc.  They are essentially a part of the entire environment of the pet.

Isn't it time to do something earth-friendly and completely safe for the environment, and yet do something that will be effective flea control and actually keep dog fleas and cat fleas off your pet?  Isn't it time for you to start using the Keep Fleas Off bathing and grooming program as your method of flea control.  If your pet (dog or cat) does not now shine like the one in the photo - well it soon can!


The Keep Fleas Off program is safe for your pet (any dog or cat) and it is family-safe as well.  it will not harm your environment.  It is an easy and inexpensive way to solve your problem of cat fleas and dog fleas on your pet. (From my research, I found that while there are a great many kinds of fleas, our pets are generally bothered by dog fleas and cat fleas, and both types prefer whichever animal (dog or cat) that they can get to first!


Are you currently bathing and grooming your animal (dog or cat)?  Then you are already halfway to a flea-free pet!  Complete the process with the Keep Fleas Off program and make your dog or cat completely flea-free.  (By the way, with this program you will save a "bundle" over what you currently spend for pet meds or flea control products.  What is more, you will be doing something good for the environment; and the earth will thank you!


Happy pet owners have been using this program as a method of flea control for their dogs and cats longer than this site has been on the web (almost 8 years), and no one has ever complained. A lot of folks were surprised that the Keep Fleas Off program is so simple and easy - and yet it works so effectively for flea control.


Order today and free your dog or cat from those terrible cat fleas (the big ones) and dog fleas (the little ones).  Stop those menacing flea bites and get the best flea control with the Keep Fleas Off program.


If this sounds too good to be true, consider this. If you still had the same bathing and grooming habits as the population that lived during the middle ages, you would have as many parasites as your pets!


So maybe a bathing and grooming program that can keep fleas from getting on your pet doesn't sound so far-fetched, does it?


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"CATS (Californians for Alternatives to Toxics) commends Nel Liquorman for developing a pesticide-free alternative for managing fleas, especially in homes with children and chemically sensitive pets and humans"


"Well I did as you said, and well ya a blessing sent from heaven. I washed all my babies (animals) from my cat to my dogs and my ferret and pet rats and hamsters and they and I thank you so so much. They are all flea free and things are going smooth and I am not as stressed as I was."  - Liz M., Brooklyn NY, USA


"Thank you for doing such a great service for animals to get them off chemicals." - Dr. Christina Chambreau Homeopathic veterinarian & educator


"... have not had any trouble with my two cats' ears since using your program." - Charlie R., Palm Harbor FL,, USA


"I can't believe how simple and easy your program is, yet it really works!." - Debbie M., Shreveport LA,  USA