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FCI Divorces CKC!

BULLETIN:  Official Canadian Kennel Club Statement Concerning FCI Circular 125/2006

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Kennel Club would like to advise Club members that the CKC was officially notified on November 24, 2006 of a decision made by the General Committee of the Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI) at its meeting of October 25-26, 2006 in Rome. This decision has now been made publicly. (See Table Below or click PDF link at end of article)



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CIRCULAR     125/2006      22.11.2006


Canadian Kennel Club pedigrees and judges


On the occasion of its meeting in Rome on October 25th and 26th, 2006, the FCI General Committee made the following decision:


Due to the continuous lack of communication and response from the Canadian Kennel Club, due to the fact that the CKC does not recognise the pedigrees from many of our members and contract partners and due to the lack of common orientation between the two organisations, the Canadian Kennel Club judges will no longer be allowed to officiate at FCI international CACIB shows as from January 1st 2007.


In addition, pedigrees issued by the CKC as from January 1st 2007 will no longer be recognized by the FCI.


Finally, the title of CKC Champion is no longer accepted for the entry in Champion Class at FCI International CACIB shows as from January 1st 2007.


We thank the member organisations and contract partners to inform URGENTLY all their shows organisers. In case this decision would not be observed, the organisers would be sanctioned.


The Executive Director,

Le Directeur Exécutif,

Y. De Clercq


The Board of Directors recognize that this decision has the potential to significantly alter the relationship that has prevailed between the FCI and the CKC and steps were taken over the last few days to ascertain the reasons for the decision. Dwain McLean, Chair of the CKC Board of Directors, and Joe Mauro, Chief Executive Officer of the CKC, have contacted Mr. Yves De Clercq, Executive Director of the FCI on Monday November 27, 2006 to substantiate the information received. The CKC has proposed a meeting between FCI officials attending the Eukanuba Classic and representatives of the CKC this coming weekend in order to review the situation and convey our regrets to our FCI friends over the unintended breakdown in communications between our two organizations. This meeting will also provide an opportunity to provide information regarding the policies and procedures of the CKC with regards to the recognition of registries in FCI member countries.

The next meeting of the General Committee of the FCI is scheduled for March and we have been informed that this would be their earliest opportunity to review the decision made at their October meeting. While all CKC members would wish for an earlier resolution of the situation, we also need to be respectful of the FCI constitution and processes.

The Board of Directors is determined that measures and safeguards be put in place to avoid any inadvertent and unintentional breach of communication between our organizations in the future.

Internally, we do not have a full picture of the sequence of events involved in the breakdown in communications which resulted in the FCI General Committee’s decision. This will come in time and decisions flowing from that review will be reported to the membership. At this time, our priority as a Board of Directors is to define and implement the means by which we can assure our FCI friends of the goodwill and desire of the Canadian dog fancy to cooperate.

In the interim, it is fair to say that the first steps in our contacts have been encouraging. We will continue to put ourselves forward to ensure that the FCI is certain that Canada holds it in the highest esteem and that we will work with them at their convenience to resolve any misunderstandings that have occurred.

We take this opportunity to note that the decision made by the FCI General Committee does not have any impact on CKC accredited clubs wishing to hire FCI judges or who have invited FCI judges to judge at their shows. Until further notice, the CKC will continue to honour the credentials of these judges in accordance with CKC policies.

Furthermore, in the interim, anyone in need of a pedigree for export to an FCI country is advised that these requests will be processed as expedited service at no additional charge.


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