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U.S. Canine Registries (USCR) Make History

NEWS RELEASE - Inaugural Meeting of United States Canine Registries

Purpose:  U.S. Dog Registries gather for exploratory meeting to consider a coalition to combat anti-dog laws and animal rights extremism

Kalamazoo, Michigan, October 19, 2006 With the future of dog ownership in America potentially hanging in the balance, dog registries from across the country met last week for what is being called a "historic and successful meeting" to voice the concerns of millions of dog owners and develop a response to the rise in anti-dog legislation and animal rights extremism.

Meeting under the flag of the United States Canine Registries (USCR), several U.S. based dog registries, collectively representing more than 300 breeds of dogs and over a million dog owners, came together for an historic first step to develop cooperative initiatives to address common goals, as well as develop efficiencies of scale to support and strengthen the role of dogs and responsible ownership in traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

During the landmark two day conference, attendees discussed issues such as anti-dog legislation, radical animal rights ideologies and the disturbing increase in extremist philosophies toward animal ownership found in America's current legislative environment.

The inaugural conference of the United States Canine Registries resulted in the identification of common goals among the varied member registries and also yielded consensus that there exists a need for further development of the association. Organizational meetings will convene in the coming months, with two national assembles of the United States Canine Registries scheduled for February and July of 2007.

The initiatives resulting from the inaugural meeting of the United States Canine Registries (USCR) promote the interests of the estimated 68 million current dog owners in the United States and will benefit canine well-being for generations to come.

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