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What’s with AKC having no lobbyists? Another epistle from on high has arrived in my email box from the offices of the American Kennel Club.


March 4, 2015

Nina Garcetti, West Coast Reporter


Once again, AKC is asking us to contact our local legislators to voice our outrage over the latest bill attacking our right to own, breed and sell purebred dogs. For years a landslide of anti-breeding bills passes state by state as AKC stands by seeming totally helpless or indifferent to the onslaught or our plight. Contact my legislator. You are kidding, right?


Frankly, I am sure my local politicians are only interested in hearing from a lobbyist on the subject. And realistically they are just interested in finding out what is in it for them if they do vote our way.


Personally I am offended at AKC’s weak, smarmy response to pleas on bill after bill in state after state without the benefit of a meager peep out of the big boys in the Ivory Tower at AKC.


When the American Kennel Club has tried speaking out, they have lost every game of Wack-A-Mole they played with the hired gunslingers from the Animal Rights Lobby. Those guys are well paid and rightly so. They know their job and how to do it. HSUS, PETA et al have the best in the business on their payroll.


A media interview with ill prepared AKC employees turns into a public relations bloodbath when squared off with these forces.


With AKC’s annual operating budget {1} of over fifty nine million bucks and millions in reserve accounts, the inability of AKC to keep on a retainer a high profile “K” Street lobbying firm is puzzling. The absence of a top notch public relations firm on their books is inexcusable at least and outrageously negligent at best.


This fiasco has been going on for over 10 years and has been devastating to our interests as customers of the AKC. If the AKC were a public company whose shares were publicly traded on the stock market, the removal of the entire Board of Directors and a hostile takeover of the company would have been their reward for this gross negligence.


It is past time for public pressure from the customers of this business to insist on the AKC Board to simply do their job & look out for the best interests of the corporation and by extension, their customers. That’s you and I.


So the next time you get an email from AKC asking you to contact your elected state officials regarding pending legislation, return the email to AKC with the following note:


“I am sorry but the only people my legislator wants to hear from is YOUR HIGH POWERED LOBBYING FIRM.






PS: Don’t send me any more of these “Urgent Messages” until you do!


Reference {1} AKC’s annual operating budget (and previous tax filings)



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