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There is so much information on the internet, it can be difficult to search the internet and find what you’re looking. There are so many search results it can be confusing.



Jerry Spain, SEO Specialist, Guest Columnist


HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET, GOOD SEARCH TERMSLet’s say you are looking for an Akita dog breeder, if you do a search on Google for Akita you will get roughly 9,060,000 results. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to search through that many. Now if we narrow down the search by adding a better description of what we’re looking for it will greatly help. By using the search phrase Akita dog breeder you get roughly 278,000 results; by narrowing it down further using the exact phrase in quotes such as “Akita dog breeder” you will only get 1,410 results.


Let me give you an example on a non-dog related search. FYI, I don’t have an Akita, I have a Jack Russell.


We want relevant search results. Let’s say we are looking for an apple orchard. That’s the results we really want to see. Here’s how to narrow down your search.


Using Google as the SE, look at how our results vary by using different search criteria: Apple = 333,000,000 links. This includes computers, the Beatles, etc.


Orchard = 29,900,000. Everything you wanted to know and more!

Apple orchard = 1,580,000. Still too much info.

“Apple orchard” in quotes = 882,000 but at least now were talking about apple orchards.

Apple orchard KS = 259,000. No way there is this many orchards in Kansas!

Apple orchard Wichita ks = 96,000. Close but no cigar.

“Apple orchard” ks = 23,900. Getting better.

“Apple orchard” Wichita ks = 675. Ah ha! I can start to work with this.


Let’s look for a Delicious apple. Ad the following:  “Apple orchard” Wichita ks delicious = 154 links and narrows it down considerably.


But that’s still too many, including results from Wichita Falls, TX. Add “ks” in quotes.  “Apple orchard” Wichita “ks” delicious = 66


We still get results about articles and recipes but you can browse through 66 listings pretty fast.


Solution? The more information you ad to your search query, the fewer and more relevant results you will get. So the next time you are searching for something, play around a little, add quotes for exact phrases or terms and just watch the results! I think you will be amazed.


courtesy of PK4 Internet Marketing Strategy  (sorry this link has changed or moved)


Editor’s Note: Looking for a specific subject or story on a particular website? Include the name of the site in your search criteria, i.e. “AKC judge” Gregory thedogplace - or thedogpress corn food even without quotes brings up some interesting reading. The more you play with it, the quicker you become.


We also have a site search which helps narrow your search. Not all pages have been optimized but we are so well ranked by top search engines like Google that information is easy to find by subject and content.


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