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On-scene report of Michael Vick's arraignment and the football star-dog killer’s exact statement in which he utters not one word about the pit bull dogs he brutalized.


Richmond, VA July 26, 2007 Arraignment

Report by Maureen Hauch, comments by Barbara "BJ" Andrews


I had been to a couple of dog fighting trials so I had a preconceived idea of what to expect today. I could not have been more incorrect. The crowd consisted of elderly ladies, business professionals and some young people. PeTa was there with about 100 people, most of them soccer type moms holding PeTa t-shirts which they waved at passing cars.


At one point there was a screaming match when a young man accused PeTa of killing animals. It was very volatile, which seems to be the way PeTa likes things. Then there was a group from HSUS, including a capable PR person.


Most of the people were simply dog lovers. Some bought their dogs and many held signs handed out for free by a local sign company. The signs said NEUTER MIKE VICK!  It was a great media opportunity for all of us who care about dogs but Virginians were asleep! TOn tonight's news all reference was made to the large turnout of the Animal Rights folks, not us, the Animal Welfare people.  Sadly, it looked like the only people who were outraged by the charges against Vick were PeTa!


The crowd was different at the courthouse today than it was at the arraignment. This time there was a large crowd of Vick supporters who sang gospel music as the Vick car drove up to the courthouse.  Natasha Royal and I represented ADOA and held our banner high! We were able to talk with the media and were the focus of many of the TV cameras.


August 27, 2007 Michael Vick's Plea.


Vick came out to the podium and trying to look contrite, spoke in an almost inaudible voice, stating that he make bad decisions and used bad judgment. As he was leaving the podium a member of the press corps shouted out, "Mike why did you do this, with all you had why would you do something like this?" to which he did not reply.


Editor's note:

We could hear Michael Vick better on the telecast. He uttered not one word of apology or remorse about the dogs!  His more than four minute apology appeared to be read (slowly and carefully) from a prepared script.


He said "I'm sorry for all the things that I've done" but in the next breath relates that to having disappointed his manager and the NFL. He characterized his actions as immature and said he needs to grow up. He repeatedly said he made a "bad decision" and "used bad judgment" but the only reference to the actual crime and the merciless killing of dogs was one short statement. "Dog fighting is a terrible thing."


It was said more as an observation than anything relating to him personally. He said he had found Jesus, is turning his life over to God and that it is the right thing to do now.


Vick claimed throughout the entire speech that he never pointed a finger at anyone else (was he excluding family members?) and implied that all along, he took full responsibility for what he did. He stated repeatedly that he feels bad about all the kids he let down but failed to even suggest that he felt bad about the dogs he personally brutalized and killed.


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