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Dog Show Points Puzzle!


Your dog defeats 3 dogs but the points disappear… How can that happen? Bet you can’t guess but if you know, tell our readers about YOUR dog show points experience.


April 2016 update

Linn Vandiver, ShowShots Editor


COLD, WIND, and RAIN at dog show!Ok, let’s set the stage! New Mexico's high country.  Alamagordo Shows.


Cold, windy, rain. Outside show. 9:30 AM judging for one of my breeds, Toy Fox Terriers, judge Mr. David M. Krough.


Entry: 1,3,1,0. Third day of a four show circuit.  I'm showing the class dog so although it is a low entry, we've got a shot at points towards his title and he already has his majors.


Open dog is awarded 1st and Winners, no points. Now you’re most likely thinking to yourself “That’s a no-brainer” but read on, here’s the puzzle.


Puppy Bitch 6-9, Puppy Bitch 9-12, and Open Bitch. All are awarded 1st in class, ribbons handed out. All of the bitches are multiple pointed, one is major pointed.


DRAMATIC AD CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGEThe 6-9 puppy moved well, however did not have her tail up, nor did the open bitch, both affected by the cold wind and rain. The 9-12 puppy had her tail up but didn’t like the wet grass and so she just didn’t move well.  Not unusual for toy breed dogs more accustomed to carpet than the grass.


The best that could be said about this situation is that we were showing a smooth coated breed and the judge was being polite in spite of his equally obvious discomfort.


So when the judge motioned for us to line up, we were relieved.  And then the unbelievable happened!  In over 20 years of exhibiting, I thought I'd seen it all.  What I had never seen was the points disappear.  "What???" No Winners?  No Best Of Winners?


Can you imagine what happened?  Think before you turn the page because the editor wants to hear from you if you've ever seen this before!