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Pam Porter, SE Region Reporter/PhotographerBrooksville FL Classic 2009

Clearwater KC, Inverness FL. KC, Manatee KC, Pasco FL. KC, Tampa Bay KC
January 8th-12th & 14th-18th, Florida Classic Park, Brooksville, FL

(Group Results below)

ShowShots by Pam Porter, SE Region Reporter/Photographer

The Brooksville Cluster is over. All went well, everyone is tired, and heading home or maybe to the next show.  The show grounds are large with a slight incline, so many people have their electric carts to make life easier.  I just had to share a picture of this one with the readers. Some of you may even have had a real size car similar to this cart. I did.

The weather stayed nice, but turned cooler and windy on Monday. Now don't forget we are in Florida, so cold is 50's and 60's.  There are supposed to be some changes next year regarding the small short haired breeds being scheduled for early morning showings. Yes, this is Florida but the upper and central part of the state does have some cold days. Even the water in the ex-pens was frozen a few mornings.#1 Shetland Sheepdog for 2007 and 2008, CH KYLENE EDEN THE DRAGONSLAYER

On Thursday, January 8th, the #1 Shetland Sheepdog for 2007 and 2008, Ch Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer was group 4, handled by Paul Hannah for owners Karen Hannah, K Dziegiel, L E Patrick, and M A Bulens. Paul and Karen are from Nixa, MO and have been in Shelties since the early 70's.BIS Petit Bassets Griffons Vendeens - Handler Jane Alston-Myers

Going BIS two out of the four days he was shown, was the outgoing and happy Petit Bassets Griffons Vendeens,
Ch Rokeena Carte Blanche who was expertly shown, as always, by Jane Alston-Myers.

Judge Ms. Jane RoppoloMrs. Robert "Polly" Smith, from St. Stephens Church VA, is shown here making her final decision for the Hound group on Thursday, January 8, 2009.


Being a Texan, I grew up with four seasons of clothes but have found that Floridians have one set of clothes. All geared for warm weather.

When my granddaughter travels with me, she might bring a light jacket and jeans.  If I tell her it is going to be colder where we are going she'd say, "but Grandma, I'm from Florida!"

Crowds at Brooksville not dressed for cooler weatherGood example is this crowd photo from Cluster 1. Notice the winter coats next to folks in shorts and sleeveless attire. 

The Pasco club stays busy though out the year. In Oct they have their annual Halloween match and costume contest. Little Bo Peep and her "lamb dog" won in 2008.

PFKC recently donated the price of two police dogs and take pride in the dog's accomplishments and continuing contributions. The club also provides funds for two students to attend the Vet School in Gainesville, FL.

Joseph Napolitano, Show Chairman Tampa Bay KCJoseph Napolitano is show chairman for Tampa Bay Kennel Club. TBKC was formed over 40 years ago.  Joe, a semi-retired salesman and all breed professional handler,  has been a club member for most of those years.

Most people don't know it but Joseph was in the Marines for 4 years, and has been active in dog shows in NC - and Japan.

Tampa Bay Kennel Club is active in the community, holding training classes in Hillsborough County. They recently donated $5,200 to the Hillsborough County Canine Unit in the Sheriff's Dept.

The University of Florida has also received sponsorship for a 4H 1 year Scholarship. "Take The Lead" is a local organization for the terminally ill.  TBKC assists in the dog cost expenses, so that the patients can keep their beloved companions with them as long as possible.

Ralph Chiucchi with Pasco FL KCPasco Florida Kennel Club was formed 30 years ago.  Ralph and Diane Chiucchi have been very active members since they joined 9 years ago. Ralph was everywhere during the whole cluster. Even collecting parking admission.

Actually all members from all the clubs are active as many days as possible. They jointly share the smooth running of the 10 shows.

BIS Judge, Jon R ColeFrom Nashville, TN., Jon R. Cole seemed to be enjoying his judging assignments.  He also judged BIS for the Inverness Florida Kennel Club.

An All Breed judge, Mr. Cole judges over 120 shows per year and he says air transportation is getting more difficult each year. Flights being unexpectedly canceled can make getting to the show in a timely fashion a challenge. Also there are fewer flights to chose from.

Having shows in the same place the whole weekend has helped.

Remember when the shows were one place on Saturday and another place, a hundred (or so) miles away, on Sunday?

While we are on memory lane, remember when exhibitors did not have to pay an admittance charge or to park their van?


Founding member, Jane Whittenhall Debbie Ros, the Asst. Show Chair, board member Helga Kaufman, and Show Chairman, Suzanne Madieros of Iverness KCInverness KC was founded in 1974 by 5 dog people, each donating $5 to form a kennel club.  Jane Whittenhall is the last founding member in the club (far left) and standing next to Jane is Debbie Ros, the Asst. Show Chair, board member Helga Kaufman, and Show Chairman Suzanne Madieros on the far right.

Suzanne Madieros has been a very active member for the past 7 years.  The club had a secret vote and at their 2008 X-mas party, Suzanne and her husband were given charter membership to the Inverness Florida Kennel Club.

Suzanne moved to Florida from Rhode Island in 2000. She originally began showing Dalmatians in 1971 and now has Rescue Australian Shepherds and Welsh Terriers and two fun cats.

IFKC has training classes 4 to 5 times a year and plans to begin Rally training next month. There are 45 members in the club and they are the canine uniform sponsor for the SE Guide dog organization.

In 2009 they are also planning to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic in Citrus Co.

Inverness, FL is known as the nature coast, as this is where the manatees swim in towards land.

Phil Riek Show Chair for Clearwater KCPhil Riek is serving his second year as Show Chair for Clearwater Kennel Club.  He is a real estate agent who lives in Palm Harbor just north of Clearwater. CKC was founded in 1941 and has 34 members.

The club was recently involved with "Responsible Dog Ownership Day" at the Clearwater Convention Center.  There were over 125 dog related supply booths, 25 different breed rescue groups, more then 30 "meet the breed" booths.  Several demos were held, one being the 4H Club.

The CKC also makes contributions to the Pinellas County Sheriff Dept. for their K-9 unit.

When you come down, allow time to visit just north of Clearwater where there is a small Greek community, right on the water named Tarpon Springs. Fabulous food, people, sights, and swimming.

I may sound like a tour guide but if you ever come this way, please make an effort to spend a few hours sampling the Greek restaurants and shopping in their small unique stores.  There are even a couple of sponge and shell shops.


There is also Tarpon Springs High School veterinarian Science Academy where 250 students attend to become Vet Techs, Vet Assistants or the beginning of becoming your next DVM.  Clearwater KC has become interested in financially assisting students attending this Academy.

The last kennel club to join the cluster is Manatee Kennel Club.  This is their second year and they plan to continue to hold their shows during the Brooksville Cluster. This was their 102nd and 103rd shows as an AKC member.

Dan Dahlberg, Show Chair for Manatee KCDan Dahlberg is 1st VP and 2009 Show Chairman.  Dan has been a member for 4 years and has Cairn Terriers and Parsons Russell Terriers. His 17 year old daughter, Kellie, is very involved in showing in Junior Showmanship as well as conformation. Kellie is  the #1 Junior in Florida and #1 Junior in Terrier Competition.  Kellie will be competing at Westminster.

MKC is giving BIS winner a gift card for $500.  Their entries are down 300 dogs but not for the eye and heart clinic that they sponsored the first weekend of the clusters. Even at the end of the day, there was a waiting line outside of the exam area. A portion of the profits goes to the Manatee 4H K-9 Kids Club.

The club recently donated $5000 to the Manatee Sheriff Dept for a K9 dog and it holds conformation training classes twice a week.

Pat Trizis of "Country Harvest Restaurant" Clearwater, FL"If you want happiness, feed them well" and the cluster does that by hiring Pat Trizis and his assistant Lorrie Balch. Pat and Lorrie's day begins at 1 a.m. where they begin cooking in Clearwater at Pat's "Country Harvest Restaurant". Then they drive the hour to Brooksville and set up for Breakfast.

There's real cooked-to-order eggs and omelets for members, ring stewards and judges. And that includes sausage, waffles, gravy and biscuits.

Then lunch can be just about anything but it will definitely be GOOD. Anything from filet mignon, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh fruit, cake, pies, to BBQ pork and smoked pork. The food varies each day. All served in a large heated tent with oversize round tables.  Good southern cooking!

Ralph from PFKC said that they have been receiving many requests for Wi-Fi to be made available for the many exhibitors that stay on the grounds. The Cluster clubs hope that Wi-Fi will be up and running for 2010.

Another project being planned is to have sewer lines installed and have REAL bathrooms and shower stalls. A big project but then this area is in the country, and even the homes near the grounds have septic tanks.

Here are the Best In Show Winners and the other winners can be found on the Infodog site.  Whew!  It's been a long but wonderful Brooksville Classic Cluster.

Pasco Fl. KC
Sunday 01/18/2009

BIS Judge Mr. P. Levi Marsman
Ch Chebaco Blames It On Trabeiz - Eng. Setter
Owner: Pat & Don Coller, Eileen Hacket
Handler: Eileen Hackett

Clearwater KC
Saturday 01/17/2009

BIS Judge Mr. Robert S. Forsyth
Ch Stirling Cool Hand Luke - Airedale
Owner: Frank Pulicee
Handler: Ernesto Lara

Tampa Bay KC
Friday 01/16/2009

BIS Judge Dr. Robert A. Indeglia
Ch Allure Blazing Star Alisaton - Dobie
Owner: N. Bosley, J. Porter, C. Pitts
Handler: Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno, PHA

Inverness Fl. KC
Thursday 01/15/2009

BIS Judge Mr. Kent H. Delaney

Ch Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice - Sealyham
Owner: Margery Good & Sandra Middlebrooks

Manatee KC
Wednesday 01/14/2009

BIS Judge Mrs. Chris Walkowicz
Ch Shoal Creek's Sangroa V Barick - GSD
Owner: E Farrell, B Stamper, L Jewel, G Midde
Handler: Scott Yergin

Pasco Fl. KC
Monday 01/12/2009

BIS Judge Mr. Martin Doherty
Ch Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice - Sealyham
Owner: Margery Good & Sandra Middlebrooks

Tampa Bay KC
Sunday 01/11/2009

BIS Judge Mrs. Francine W. Schwartz
Ch Rokeena Carte Blanche - PBGV
Owner: J., Y., C. Herrera and R & R Wallis
Handler: Jane Alston-Myers DHG

Inverness Fl. KC
Saturday 01/10/2009

BIS Judge Mr. Jon R. Cole

Ch Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice - Sealyham
Owner: Margery Good & Sandra Middlebrooks

Clearwater KC
day 01/09/2009

BIS Judge Mrs. Robert D. Smith
Ch Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier of Fortune - Lakeland
Owner: C. & B. Dowd, C Ruggle - Handler: Scott A Sommer

Manatee KC
Thursday 01/08/2009

BIS Judge Mr. John J. Madieros
Ch Rokeena Carte Blanche - PBGV
Owner: J., Y., C. Herrera and R & R Wallis
Handler: Jane Alston-Myers DHG


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