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Not sad, a warm lighthearted report takes you to a UKC show for the camaraderie of showing dogs, how shows work, friends, jammies, and dog kisses when we lose...


Dec 2015

Sherry L. Shivley, Top Journalist Award Winner


I attended the final Colorado UKC (United Kennel Club) show this past weekend sponsored by the High Plains Kennel Club. Since I am able to slip among the masses, my ears were tuned to any comments I might pick up.


I had a very enjoyable conversation with HPKC President Alan Krenek about what he sees for the future of UKC and his club. He predicts more people joining UKC and attending the shows. From what I saw this weekend, I have to agree.


The Judges were excellent. They moved along, but took time over the dogs. They explained their placements, and everyone seemed happy with how they placed.


We were in a large horse arena on packed dirt, so dust in the air was an issue for those of us with asthma. From the attendance numbers, I hope they will be able to move it to a building with concrete floors and more room. The arena was packed with crates, people, dogs and rings!


Magnum, the tailed Schipperke puppy you met last month, finished his Championship at just under 8 months old in 5 classes! The first Judge took one look at him and checked the rule book to see if tails were allowed. After that, he placed Breed consistently.


To tell you the truth, I was surprised when I walked in the ring with my friend Karen's Schipperke "Remi". I didn’t know that Magnum could walk! His person Randy carries him everywhere, and he obligingly patty cakes when he meets new people, melting hearts all over the state.


I showed one of their Icelandics, Kara. I fell hard for this lovely girl who is the foundation of their bloodline. She is just so full of joy and forgiving. When I ran too fast with her, she just gave me a smile to let me know it was ok. I have a Boxer, so I sometimes forget I have to slow down...


I met another Kara at the show- Kara Vandiver is the Hospitality person for HPKC, and certainly made me feel welcome, as did her adorable whippets.


They were dressed in jammies and a royal purple coat Kara made for them. I envy those who can create like that.


I saw lots of tiny tots and Juniors showing this weekend. That speaks well of the future of our sport. The quality of the dogs was outstanding. How the Judges picked just one, I don’t know. In my opinion they rivaled anything found at Eukanuba or Westminster.


This past year has been full of growth, disappointment, joy, and learning patience. I know that no matter how we place in the ring, my dog is going home with me, will give me hugs and kisses, high fives, and warm my heart.


It's not how you finish the race, it is about how well you run it. I hope that when our day is done, people will remember us winning and losing with grace.


Dog Bless ~ Sherry


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