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Judge Suspension: In my opinion, I believe this (nonspecifically accused) person is 'wrestling' with the decision, because there have been NO specific charges filed against the person - only the suggestion in the now non-specific and anonymous 'mention' in their October Minutes that the AKC BOD is dealing with the (possibility) of charges against this nothing's been 'wrested' from this person other than AKC's implication to 'wrest' the constitutional rights to free speech. Furthermore, the original October Minutes as published on line mentioned the person by name - yet these original minutes have been replaced/amended with the name removed. I wonder which set of minutes will appear in the AKC Gazette.
     Also in my opinion, I believe this particular AKC suspension issue against this person is at the very least Orwellian in nature and smacks of McCarthyism from its roots. Anyone who remembers the 1950's might also remember how many people were singled out in the public media by 'the Jr. Senator from Wisconsin" who, with his committee at the time, was able to falsely accuse via innuendo (and incomplete information represented as 'factual') innocent public and private sector American Citizens who dared to voice their opinions if those opinions at any time in their lives had been in conflict with the US Government.
     We here in America are guaranteed the right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment - without fear of retribution. No public or private organization is above the Constitution of the United States, and under that Constitutional Guarantee, I am writing my opinions on the above quoted issue to your internet publication.
Judith S. Gates []

Intimidated Judge: I have read several of your articles about AKC intimidation of the judges and delegates.  It happens in any corporate structure.  It is a fact of life.  One either complies or moves on.  Few judges are in a secure enough position to disregard AKC policies or AKC’s preferences.  Of course we comply even though we may be resentful or uncomfortable about submitting.  I am not sure the publicity you give about such situations is healthy for the judges or for the AKC.  I enjoy your magazine but there are some things I would as soon not know.  I am going for a group so please withhold my name but you can print my opinion.  Don’t laugh.  I am not a fool.  Thank you.  (name withheld)

Registration Service: I do NOT agree with the Registration Service to register the dogs I breed that are marked as limited, in doing so, AKC negates my ability to keep what I think are dogs not worthy of becoming breeding stock to be registered in the AKC.  Susan Reaney

Registration Service: This is not right to do, as breeders who place or sell dogs without papers or on limited registration, have educated REASONING for not providing full registrations with these dogs.
     One of the main reasons for doing this is that the dogs in question are not of a standard high enough to be considered for showing or breeding!  If future owners are allowed to just apply and get full registration papers for dogs that do not meet the standards, not to mention having possible GENETIC defects, then the future of healthy structurally correct dogs will be in jeopardy, as well as the integrity of the AKC itself.
Amy Rutherford

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Barked At! I am still in shock that you would publish an article promoting de-barking surgery for dogs.  This is exactly what Animal Rights activists are yelling about!  Here is another example of breeders altering dogs further and further away from their natural state.  I’m not an AR activist, but honestly, de-barking a dog?  Cut out their vocal chords to keep the neighbors happy, or so you won’t have holler knock it off?  Are you serious?  That’s sickening.  If you can’t handle dogs barking, don’t have dogs!  Linn Vandiver, wait till the AR people get hold of your article – you just gave them more ammo.  This article also says a lot about the Dog Press.  Obviously, it's not for me.  Pamela Rody

Points Puzzle Viewpoint: While my opinion is not going to be very popular, it is my opinion.  The author expresses frustration because there were three bitches and the one dog.  It seems she expected that she could go BOW, thereby gaining the same # of points that the WB would have earned just by showing up.  For some reason, in our society, we now feel a sense of entitlement towards things.  The judge was judging dogs on that day and obviously felt the bitches were without merit.  I would agree that if they were not showing in the classes, he should have withheld the first place ribbons, but perhaps they were showing well enough until they entered the ring for Winners.  I commend this judge for withholding WB if he truly felt none were worthy of receiving the award.  We all complain about “cheap champions” and many times this is due to a judge going through the motions, awarding WD, WB, etc.  At least he had the fortitude to stick with his convictions.  After all, a judge does sign the judging book when completing an assignment that he feels the winners that day are worthy of a champion.
     Many years ago, I had the same thing happen.  In the breed I show, majors are difficult to find many times.  I was excited to see that a show I’d entered had a major in dogs, while I was showing a bitch.  The dog judging finished with the judge placing his dogs starting with a 2nd place ribbon, which meant there was not going to be a WD.  I knew at this time, there was not going to be a major for my bitch this day, and she only needed one major to finish.  After judging, the judge came up to me and actually apologized that he could not give BOW to my bitch, saying she was the only one out there worthy of the major, but he could not, in good conscience, give a major to the dogs.  Was I upset?  You bet!  But I gave him a lot of credit for sticking with his convictions that the dogs were not worthy of a major, thereby withholding.  She did go on to finish the next day. 
     I understand the frustration of spending hard-earned money to attend shows and come home empty handed, but lets try to give a judge credit for doing what he felt was the right thing.  Diane Stille 

Corgis Dismissed:  Re your Points Puzzle article - I was at a show in Knoxville Tennessee watching Cardigan Corgis in the ring when the Judge said loud enough for all the people watching to hear “I find no dog in the ring worthy of winners you are all dismissed”.  This was the winners bitch class so the dog only got the points for the dogs that were present there was no best of winners.  Rick

Legislators: I don't think the legislators want the public to know the difference between hobby breeders (reputable breeders) and puppy mills or other questionable sources. They want to force controls on everybody, then expand them and probably drive most reputable breeders out of the sport.  I think in order to educate the general public we must get support from not only newspapers, but also from the major local TV news programs. In addition, legislators must be bombarded with emails, letters and phone calls from fanciers, making them aware of the fact that we are voters, and also educating them of the things a responsible breeder does to insure a healthy, happy puppy and a happy owner.  Jean Lazarus

Dess - Cooper on Liaison: In addition, there's a person on the AKC Legislative Liaison discussion list who is very good at helping folks make decisions regarding participation in legislation and education.  Here's a quite from a recent post (which she gave me permission to sent to you).  Her name is Jan Cooper and she's the LL for the Rottweiler parent club, BTW.  If you want her email address, let me know.
    "Our adversaries are currently, and have, been taking the time to develop little town-hall type meetings with local citizens and pet owners and those of influence in communities. There is no reason that some of us cannot be doing the same. What you need to do is find out if you local library or school will permit public meetings or even a local bank may have a conference room they will permit you to use, next set a date and place flyers in grocery stores, malls, bulletin boards in grooming and pet shops, Next gather educational tools and informational aids, xerox copies and hold a small meeting to let those that have pets in the communities to become armed and active to protect their ownership of their dogs. This is what our enemies are doing and they are succeeding.. ..most pet owners have no clue and the ones that will attend your meetings are the very ones that will be out spoken because they care enough to get involved." 
Dess June, Dejeune Bedlingtons

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