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Big Cat Attacks On Dogs


Photos and bad news on America’s big cats known as the catamount, cougar, mountain lion, panther or puma. What their step closer to extinction means to you.


May 10, 2021 - TheDogPress Staff


That un-understandable thing we call nature has worked since the earth became a planet… Every species, from the mastodon to the crocodile to the saber-toothed tiger, had their place in creation and the evolution that followed. Dogs instinctively chase cats and cats run from danger.



That said, in the 21st century, animals around the globe face a most unnatural problem. Highways, fences, increasingly polluted air and water, shrinking habitat, and most of all, their only predator -big game hunters. Some animals will therefore become extinct and some, if left alone by the dominant species (humans) will persevere and even thrive.


Big Cat attacks can occur from Florida, where they are called the “Florida Panthers” all the way up into the Smokies and Rocky mountain states and as far north as Canada. If you hike in the woods or live and the countryside, whether mountainous or swampy, here is information to remember when outside…


First, if you even think you have seen a cougar-mountain lion-Florida panther, do not make any kind of movement that makes you seem vulnerable or injured. Never run (!) or turn your back, crouch down or in any way try to hide from a predatory animal. Such behavior makes you appear as potential prey, something to catch and eat.



Instead, stand as tall as possible, raise both arms, “roar” at the top of your voice and charge the critter! It will instinctively flee! Hey, it is a cat… and you just proved you are a confident dominant species.


Unless it is deaf, dumb, or badly injured, any feline, big or small, will run from an attack by a bigger animal. The only exception might be a rabid animal whose brain is not functioning well enough to command it to run away. The odds of that are small but if you cower, run the other way, i.e. act like prey… you are likely to be cat food!


If you have livestock or poultry and you live in cougar country, pay attention to tracks. Puma, mountain lion and Florida panther footprints will be 3 to 4 in inches in diameter but may appear larger if seen in snow or soft soil. A 3” paw print may not sound like much but it means a wild cat over 100 pounds of sinew and muscle and potentially up to 220 pounds!



If you are fortunate enough to live “out in the country" you already know to keep your trash cans firmly sealed and better yet if you have an out-building, put the garbage cans in there at night.


Obviously, never leave your pet’s food outside. Don't store any livestock food where it can be gotten to or attract other animals.


If you live in Bear country, the same precautions are applicable but you know that a bear can open just about anything, including your car…


As dog owners we certainly advise bringing your dog inside at night or at least let him sleep in the barn or some kind of storage shed or somewhere where he is not exposed to hungry or curious wildlife.


Visit this website, America’s biggest cat for more information on mountain lions. EST 2002 © 20S00





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