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Handling of the pet food recall was sloppy at best, suppressed at worst. Dog and cat Owners stunned when days, even weeks after suffering with a sick pet, they finally heard the news. There were angry cries of “WHY WASN’T I TOLD?


Easy-to-search running list of PET FOOD RECALLS

Other sites fail to provide records on frequency and reasons for product recalls, both of which indicate a company's pattern and safety record.  Learn which pet food companies to avoid: see 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.


2011 CAT & DOG FOOD RECALLS, by NEL LIQUORMAN Researched, compiled, and updated by Nel Liquorman, Health Editor


To quickly search any year, depress your Ctrl key and the letter F, then type in the dog food company, brand, or UPC code and click "find next".  Watch for multiple pet food recalls by the same company.


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There were problems with the pet food recall at all levels.  Outrage over the confusion and lack of timely information is still growing.


There was blame for everybody from corporate America to the store on the corner.  Demanding full disclosure, consumers were angered by goods that were slipped quietly from the shelves.  The pet food seller’s first concerns may have been to protect his business.


My retailer, a Natural Pet Food Store, experienced a dramatic up surge in business during the recent pet food scare.  For the first time ever, I found myself waiting in line.  They experienced shortages of many products.  So, I did not find it unusual that one selection from the brand was not on the shelf.


I watched the news several times daily, and I heard nothing on the recall of any Natural Balance cat food products.  I felt safe buying them.  My pet food store had always kept records of my purchases, even including the name of my cats.  So, it seemed a bit strange that when I made a purchase, my records seemed lost.  Even stranger, was the fact that another employee located them under my first name.


Left to wonder what was going on, I turned to the internet and began searching.  The cat food that I had not been able to purchase was recalled.


Why I wasn’t told? The store had my address and phone number.  I’m there almost weekly.  I found it really hard to dismiss this as having fallen through the cracks.  Unfortunately, their sales slips are not itemized, so I have no record to prove that I purchased the particular selection, or that the store ever carried it.


Store owners and food processors need to take a close look at this issue from the consumer’s point of view.  This pet food fiasco has resulted in an ever growing group of savvy consumers who read labels!


If the country of origin is anywhere on the product, it will be found.  Consumers became wiser and a bit angry.  Their new attitudes are fueling a growing demand for MADE IN THE USA.  Their collective shout may soon be heard around the world. EST 2002 © 0709





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