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Animal lovers don't understand attorneys who defend handlers or judges accused of putting money before duty and the public's perception of dog shows.


June 2016

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


Dogs can't speak, read and or write checks but people can. So when people speak for animals they sometimes do the "foot in mouth" thing and when attorneys speak for clients, they may do likewise.


Some people use animals to make themselves look important. Some people use animals to earn a living. Veterinarians, trainers, breeders, and dog show handlers who do so honorably are held in high esteem. Lawyers who defend our Constitutional Rights including the right to own property, i.e. animals, are equally respected.


Conversely, legislators (all of them lawyers) who would usurp our right to own, breed, hunt, and enjoy the company of dogs are almost always supported by the animal rights advocates. We detest them. was the first digital dog news. Our writers have never feared to take on controversial subjects and this is not the first time we've been threatened for doing so.


We exposed the duplicity of the American Kennel Club in partnering with pet shops, Stud Book fraud, and legislative actions that betrayed hobby and show breeders, to wit: AKC's support of the PAWS legislation. Handler neglect may not be a headline story but it cannot be ignored. Press protocol is simple. Same story from different reliable sources is noteworthy. In this case, it may not compliment our sport but "truth be told" it must be told to protect the sport.


So read the attorney's letter which says in part that owners are "the truly responsible party" for taking a sick dog or one in poor condition to the handler and that the handler's job is to just show the dog, even knowing it cannot win. Sadly, in defense of her client, the attorney says the handler pulled the dog "after it was pointed by a well-known breeder judge".


This editor's response to the attorney refutes her misinformation, presumably provided by her client, and suggests she fact-check before making actionable threats.







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