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HERENDEEN - What AKC Charges?

We heard from Fred Lanting who corrected us for having said he was given a “lifetime” sentence.  “… the sentence that was “finally”(?) meted out to me was as follows:  Jim Crowley at AKC later told me (letter of Feb. 16, 2006) that "the Board voted to reinstate AKC judging privileges on a date of May 15, 2015." - when I will be approaching 79! Quite obviously they expect me to be dead by then. But I am ridiculously hale and hearty, so they will probably extend the "punishment" further as they see that I'm still kicking."


Foreign Assignments?

From Herendeen’s point of view, AKC’s revenge is clearly evidenced by the Judging Department having sent a “formal notification” on March 10th to Dog Organizations worldwide, to the effect that Charles (Skip)  Herendeen is “no longer an approved AKC judge” and stating that any future “requests from any foreign registry” will be denied.


So, with foreign assignments scheduled, Herendeen is effectively cut off and humiliated throughout the dog show world.  One must assume that the American Kennel Club feels confident of its control over foreign kennel clubs and registries.  This has led to concern in other countries with some feeling it is only a courtesy whereas others take the position it is “presumptious of AKC” to think that what it does is of any concern to other registries.  Apparently it is of concern as the officers of those foreign kennel clubs frequently “swap assignments” in America and would not risk losing those free trips and attendant perks.


AKC Judges Afraid To Speak Publicly

A multiple group judge expressed outrage that he can no longer feel secure about posting to private lists for fear someone at some time, will share his comments with AKC.  A judge emeritus called to say “it has always been that way, cross the wrong person up there and you’re dead.  If you don’t kiss the right asses, you are going nowhere."


One caller said Herendeen was “wasting his money” on “crooked lawyers” who he should have known were in bed with AKC.  No one in our offices would disagree with that but in Herendeen’s defense he had to hire NY state licensed attorneys to beard the lion in its own den under New York State’s very favorable not-for-profit laws.


In that same vein, TheDogPress was surprised to learn that “this large and very expensive law firm that Mr. Herendeen retained, at one time represented The American Kennel Club in an unrelated matter."


A few selected comments paint a dismal picture not necessarily precipitated by the Herendeen Case: “It is a sign of the times.”  “It is incomprehensible that any corporation supposedly struggling under financial hardship as indicated by registration income plummeting by more than 10% per year could be so foolhardy as to repeatedly alienate its customer base.”  “What country are we living in?  I thought we were fighting in Libya to get rid of dictators!"


Almost without exception, the sentiment can be summed up as “sad”, “worried”, and “concerned for the future of AKC."


April 2011 ends Pt. 3 of the Herendeen Case but on behalf of all judges, Skip Herendeen intends to pursue the American Kennel Club’s callous disregard for the legal and Constitutional Rights of all AKC judges.

SUSPENDED check "Compiled 6 months to Life" for stated reason for suspending Charles P. Herendeen III.



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